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Make It All About Him This Valentines

Tomorrow is Valentines day and we know all the clichés are about to be pulled. Red outfits, red roses, wine, chocolates and of course making it all about her and never about him. This Valentines, how about adding a bit of a twist to the role in your romance. Let us make it all about him for once, let the girl pull all the stops and make all the grand gestures. Your man deserves some appreciation and attention every once in a while.

Boudoir For His Eyes Alone

Taking sexy pictures for your man can be the best gift he could ever receive. Find a good photographer, one you can trust of course and take some great pictures, create an album and present it to your man wrapped in a bow. Kim Kardashian calls it, making selfie books for Kanye. You could stick to the theme of the occasion and be dressed in either lingerie or outfits to make a Valentines look book. Get creative with this particular gift because men are definitely visual creatures.

A Basket Of His Favorite Things

Get hands on and make your own gift hamper for your man. Instead of going to the nearest gift store, get creative and do it yourself. You know him best. Pick out his favorite snacks, shower gels, cologne, alcoholic beverage and include a card with some sweet nothings from your heart to him. He will not be expecting all this effort but he will definitely appreciate it.

Cater To Him Destiny’s Child Style

Destiny’s child had a song titled “Cater to you” back in the day . This Valentines day, cater to your man and follow the steps from that song. Play the song in the background to put your head in the game. When he gets home, take off his shoes, his tie and his cuff links, massage his head and shoulders, run him a hot bath, prepare his favorite meal and proceed to make his wildest dreams come true as part of the desert menu if you know what I mean.

Keep it simple or over the top, the choice is yours. You know him best so you know what will work for his Valentines surprise. Happy Valentines and be the love you hope to receive.


  • wangari wairenge

    Now that’s a good twist on the whole aspect of Valentine’s..i like

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