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Artsy About Art, Here’s Torome Art

,Art is freedom. Being able to bend more things that most people see as a straight line. – Overlyxclusive.

This quote best describes Torome, a Kenyan graphic designer, who uses double exposure and photo manipulation to take different parts from several photos to create a beautiful pieces.

So, what is Torome Art?

In his words, Torome Art is a name representing an idea. In order to bring out a clear representation of that idea, he had bring about a unique way of editing to the design industry. As an avid lover of art, yet unable to draw, he realized that with photo editing and photo manipulation he could express his ideas with much more freedom. He does all types of graphical design from the branding aspect of design to photo editing and canvassing the photos.

For him art and business are two of his favorite things. This is what has inspired his goal of growing his business to a place it can impact people’s lives. He has a business in Town. It deals with graphic design, wholesale and retail of phone accessories.

His advice to all those known or unknown artists is, ” Working hard every day to enhance your craft is the only way you can be able to grow in both business and as an artist”

torome art
Credit: Torome/Instagram

See more of Torome’s art works below

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  • Violet

    I love art…..interesting…..

    • Lysa

      That’s amazing. Which one is your favorite?

  • Jeniffer

    Good work!! Keep it up

    • Lysa

      Thank you. Torome is very talented. Be sure to track his work here

  • Georgina Giathi

    His lovely pieces captivates more than my eye and interests. As much as it involves digital editing , originality is in its best. Thankyou @lysa for featuring him, his work definitely deserves an audience.

    • I’m glad you see the creativity. Thank you for your kind words!

  • Jeniffer Anyango

    Hard work and determination is key…

  • Grace Candice

    Identifying your strong areas is just a hack

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