Top Five Must Haves For Every Stylish Female

The one thing every woman has in common is having too many clothes but never having any clothes to wear. This issue can sometimes make it very difficult to put together outfits or get ready on time. As a stylish woman it is very important to invest in wardrobe staples and so I would like to give you a list that I hope you follow religiously. If you can’t have all staples, at least make sure you have these top five:

Black Blazer

top five must haves

A classic black blazer has never and will never go out of style. It gives the right amount of sophistication, sexy, fashion forward and chic element that you need to stand out. Dress it up or down, the black blazer stays winning. You can thrift it, have it tailor made or get a brand new one, just as long as the fit is right and the design is unique. I would always go for either a black blazer with vintage gold buttons or a black blazer with some satin or silk fabric along the collar for added detail. Evening out, business meeting, Church or errands, a black blazer will always complete a look.

Little Black Dress

top five must haves
Credit: Womanup

As a woman with style you have to remember that clothes don’t make you, you make the clothes, but when it comes to the little black dress that saying doesn’t cover it. The little black dress has the power to make you feel like the most gorgeous woman in a room, it has the ability to make you feel like you’ve lost a few pounds being that black is a slimming color. This dress gives you confidence and always comes to the rescue on a night out when you have nothing else to wear. All you need is a gorgeous red lip, some killer heels and the right accessories.

A pair of Chic Sunglasses

top five must haves
Credit: Bonang Matheba/ Instagram

After a rough night or a fabulous night out with the girls the last thing you need is makeup as you run errands the following day. On your way to the gym you want to protect your bare face from the morning sun. The icing on top of the cake is that, your amazing look for the day will always be a pair of fabulous sunglasses. Sunglasses are very important but a pair of gorgeous statement sunglasses is everything. Round frames, square frames, get yourself a pair and channel your inner Jackie O!

A Pair of Comfortable Heels

top five must haves
Credit: Shoe Rack Kenya

We can’t all be high-heel wearing ladies, but every once in a while it would never hurt. With so many trends at the moment, finding a comfortable, easy to walk in pair shouldn’t be difficult. Particular looks always need a gorgeous pair of heels to bring out the chic in them. High heeled shoes also tend to give you that extra boost of confidence you need. My advice, invest in at least two or three pairs that you can handle. Try not to get a pair that you can’t walk in because nothing is more humiliating like not having a good command of heels in your own pair of shoes. Quick tip, a smart girl always carries a gorgeous pair of flats in her bag just in case of sore feet, you can never be too careful when it comes to high heeled shoes.

Red Lips

top five must haves
Credit: GuoGuiyan

Back in the day beauty brands only made one shade of red and it really didn’t complement all skin tones. And unfortunately it only catered to Caucasian women or light skinned black women. Today that is no longer an issue; companies have come up with a formula that caters to all women of all races and all skin tones. You can now find so many different shades of red that match your exact tone.

Red lips say confidence, red lips say boss lady, red lips say expensive and red lips say vintage. Queens of Hollywood like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe among many others, made the red lip such a classic back in the 50’s. Matte, glossy or metallic, you can never go wrong with the right red lip.

Always do a swatch before purchasing lipstick or ask a beauty expert on what brand and your exact shade.  Play some dope music, put your red lipstick on, grab your coffee and proceed to conquer your day!! That always works for me.


Start with these top five and work your way to other staples, you are one step towards building your ideal wardrobe.

  • Daisy

    Definitely need to find a black blazer!

    • Lysa

      It is a must have! Depending on your budget, check out Toi market, Woolworths, L C Waikiki, Little Red and online shops to mention but a few

  • Jeniffer

    I relate to the issue of having alot of clothes but never have any to put on…i thought i was alone…i think the next thing i must invest in is the sunglasses though i am not a fan…

  • Georgina Giathi

    I recently came to realize that chic or edgy glasses can take an outfit from basic to bomb! The trick is to get what will work for the look that one is trying to achieve and minimize on face accessories so as not to look ashy or ‘so much going on’ kind of thing.

  • Paula Josphat

    I have lots of coloured blazers,i have never thought a black one is an investment,its time!

    • Oh it is! Bring it to the forefront in your closet.

  • Ashley Noni

    Have everything except the black blazer😍…totally investing ..!!. Love this post!!.. i got really cute chick glasses from @forever trendy.. and miniso kenya.. And the Red lips oommgg!!! I love huddah’s colour Vamp!!. Amazing and smooth…for the comfortable heels, Backyard shoes, Shoe rack kenya And instyle are just the plugs!!!!.

    Love this post lysa 💖

    • Damn girl! You got almost everything. Now off to find that chic black blazer.

  • wangari wairenge

    Lacking a blazer and the LBD…i have to invest in them. I also think a must have wardrobe staple is a nice pair of jeans that you can always run it when your lost in options on what to wear

    • Oh yes! Jeans for your shape that are a great fit!

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