Freckles Are Not Flaws, Love And Embrace Them - Lysa Magazine woman with freckles holding a piece of glass in front of her

Freckles Are Not Flaws, Love Them

For quite some time as a child, I always thought freckles were only found on Caucasian people. Then I found out a relative of mine who is of African race had them and she wanted to get rid of them. Why? She didn’t feel pretty enough. Pretty enough for whom you may wonder, pretty enough for society. Society has the most unrealistic standard of what is beautiful.

What is beautiful?

Is beauty defined as physical attractiveness; being of pure fair soft skin, hourglass barbie doll shape/ muscular ‘V-shaped’ body, long straight hair that’s blown by the wind…what is beautiful? Talk to your children before the beauty industry does, enforce a strict ban on negative body image talk under your roof. Don’t let society dictate to you what is beautiful. You need to embrace who you are irrespective of your size, race, gender, age, abilities and characteristics. etc. If we are lucky enough to break through this judgment that society and the media has created for us, we will realize that being yourself and embracing your unique appearance isn’t so bad after all.

That’s right, you should embrace your freckles; those cute spots that enhance your beauty. Wear them with pride!

Freckles Are Not Flaws, Love And Embrace Them - Lysa Magazine man with freckles covering his body smiling
Credit: Freckledlightskin

Freckles 101

Freckles are NOT a skin disorder, neither are they harmful! Rather, they are a hereditary trait. According to Wonderopolis, freckles are just skin cells that contain a pigment (color) called “melanin.” Melanin is a chemical made by skin cells called “melanocytes.” Melanin helps to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays by reflecting or absorbing them. Freckles are triggered by exposure to sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes melanocytes to make more melanin, which can cause freckles to appear or become darker. This pretty awesome! Freckles double as a natural sunscreen, producing more melanin to absorb the sun’s UV rays. Wow!

Freckles Are Not Flaws, Love And Embrace Them - Lysa Magazine girl with freckles with a sunflower over her mouth
Credit: Mbulelo Ndlovu

This doesn’t mean you throw out your sunscreen or if you have a giving heart, blessing someone with it. Sunscreen is a necessity, come rain come sunshine. Freckles do mostly appear on the face but can also be found on other parts of your body that are exposed to the sun such as arms, legs, shoulders or your chest. They can also be found in ALL ethnicities.

So, once upon a time…

These beautiful spots were looked down on, ridiculed and thought to be something disgusting or damaged. They were viewed as a flaw, considered dirty. Little kids would ask what are those spots and women would layer foundation like icing on a cake to hide them. Even whitening creams were just not working when they said they would wipe it off and reveal a clean blank canvas underneath. Look at this one ;

bored in class so I played connect the dots with this kids freckles #ymm

Now they are trending!

Freckles Are Not Flaws, Love And Embrace Them - Lysa Magazine girl with freckles in the water lysa africa magazine
Credit: Mbulelo Ndlovu

If you naturally have them, I bet you’re feeling pretty smug right now. It seems freckles are in and they’ve been in for some time now. People are actually flexing serious makeup muscle to draw freckles on the face or enhance natural ones that are not so predominant. This world we live in is quite something, very interesting. One time you’re hating on something and the next you’re embracing it. It’s frankly hypocritical.

Anyway, we’re here to embrace freckles. We did then and we still will especially more, when the trend is over, because you know trends come and go.

Freckles Are Not Flaws, Love And Embrace Them - Lysa Magazine woman with freckles
Credit: Zol Freckles

Freckles are unique, of pure bliss. Like Lydia Mack who says, ‘These days I wake up to my boyfriend. “Good morning, freckles,” he says. He covers my brown polka dots in kisses before rolling out of bed to greet the sun and his espresso maker. He tells me often that my freckles are his favorite thing about me. I remind him that I also have a great personality, to which he replies, “Oh, that too.”

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