Fashion enthusiast Seretix Lysa Africa

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“After flowers, women are the most divine creations”. Christian Dior. Water your flower and it will bloom to perfection. When a woman takes good care of herself, she automatically gives herself the opportunity to become the best version of herself.

I have great admiration for women who take great care of themselves, women who pay close attention to every detail when it comes to their personal grooming. Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman and looking your best can instill a certain level of confidence. I always say, “Look good, Feel good.”

Meet Seretix

Fashion enthusiast Seretix Lysa Africa

Seretix is a fashion enthusiast from Norway. Her social media feed is what drew me to her. Her sense of style tells you a lot about her personality. She is a confident woman, who works hard, takes good care of herself and has a weakness for the finer things in life. She has earned it and therefore she deserves it.

With her slender figure and dark skin tone you could easily mistake her for a model. Trust that she has mastered the art of the slay. Social media terms such women as slay queens but I see them as a fierce force of fashion. Every post is pre-meditated and properly executed. She has given the term “Bathroom Pictures” a whole new meaning.


Seretix is the face of social media fashion influencing among many other similar personalities.

What I love the most about her is that she has no interest in inspiring how her followers dress; rather she is more interested in showing us how much fun she has when getting dressed up. Fashion is a form of art in motion and to those who embrace it religiously, it brings us great joy when we indulge in intricate pieces.

You can tell that Seretix is a fierce female just by what she chooses to put on.

Fashion enthusiast Seretix Lysa Africa  Fashion enthusiast Seretix Lysa Africa  Fashion enthusiast Seretix Lysa Africa  Fashion enthusiast Seretix Lysa Africa

She is well-travelled and that always goes hand in hand with class and culture. She frequently documents her travels on her social media as she gives us front row seats to her mission to serve fashion one passport stamp to the next.

Fashion enthusiast Seretix Lysa Africa

Black girl magic happens every time I see a style post by Seretix. Without intending to, she inspires her stylish followers like me. Her feed could be your fashion mood board. She makes over the top-dressing look like a typical normal day. Fashion gives you a chance to be truly who you are and for Seretix it has given her a chance to be unapologetic about the force of a woman in her.

Fashion enthusiast Seretix Lysa Africa

Images courtesy of Seretix’s Instagram

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