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Style Profile | The Dapper Rapper, Solo

Rap culture has been known to have a huge influence on fashion. Take a look at brands like Gucci and Versace. The flashy color palettes, the excessive gold accents and bold embroidery. Being a hard-core rapper doesn’t always have to mean baggy jeans, over sized t-shirts and cool sneakers. Sometimes it can mean tailored suits, cashmere sweaters and Italian leather shoes.

Just Look At Solo

Solo is quite the dapper rapper. The South African, award-winning rapper is not only known for his musical talent but also his fashion sense. He has in the past, been named GQ South Africa’s best dressed man and he is so deserving of the title. Literally from his head to his feet, the brother has his style game together. Always looking like arm candy by his better half’s side, as they easily take the award for best dressed couple.

He attends high fashion events and always seems to look effortlessly exclusive. Solo is not afraid to play around with a little color and a lot of print.

He goes a step further and wears what some might consider ‘a dress’ and he still succeeds at wooing the masses.

There is great respect and admiration for a man who can werk it and Solo does more than just that. He turns any suit into a master piece, pays close attention to his detail and strikes a pose that melts the females away. He is a clear indication that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man taking a little extra time on his grooming. Dress how you want to be addressed, Solo looks like a VIP all the way.

Images courtesy of Solo’s Instagram Page.

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