Plus size blogger Charisma Monroe lysa africa

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In 2017 we saw a great show of acceptance of diversity when it comes to the fashion and beauty industry. Big brands collaborating with ambassadors that represent diversity or big brands creating products and merchandise that relate across the board.

Plus size fashion is quickly evolving and being taken seriously across the world. Designers like Michael kors and Christian Siriano even went further as to feature plus size models on their runways during fashion week.

Being plus size is frowned upon when it comes to society’s standards of beauty. However, some fierce plus size women decide to go the extra mile and define themselves without a need for society’s approval. Nothing is more attractive than confidence in a woman. Fashion sees no size. Therefore no matter what size you are, you should feel free to be as stylish as you can possibly be.

Meet Charisma Monroe

Charisma Monroe is a fashion blogger, influencer and stylist from the states. Her blog, formerly named Chronic Teachings of a Divalicious Nerd was changed by her love for Journalism, body positivism, self-assurance, and plus-size fashion has united and evolved the blog into Chronic Teachings of a Regal Fatty.

Plus size blogger Charisma Monroe lysa africa

Her sense of style is sexy, fierce and a clear indication of how confident and comfortable she is in her own skin. Charisma’s mantra in life is “Mind your own self esteem”.

Charisma doesn’t shy away from wearing clothes that have been deemed suitable only on a slender physique; she gets them in her size and owns all the looks she puts together. She has big hair and thighs as big as her dreams.

Plus size blogger Charisma Monroe lysa africa

Plus size blogger Charisma Monroe lysa africa

Plus size blogger Charisma Monroe lysa africa

Whether in the winter or the summer, Charisma stays ready to slay the day.

Women like Charisma Monroe are the inspiration young girls need today. Charisma has a following of one hundred and eleven thousand on her social media. Her followers will agree that she is a role model when it comes to confidence, self love and body positivity.  Diversity is beautiful and fashion is for us all, so be like Charisma Monroe and own your style and your size.

Plus size blogger Charisma Monroe lysa africa

All images courtesy of Charisma’s Instagram

  • Jeniffer Anyango

    This is very encouraging…very few plus size women appreciate their beauty not to talk of encouraging other women to love themselves
    Thumbs up Charisma Monroe!

    • Exactly! The few who do create an impact in others!

  • Paula Josphat

    She is so effortlesly chic

  • Michaels Angana Laura

    That’s so classy

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