Style Profile | Ms Manche

It is the season of gratitude and I am always ready to show my gratitude to those who appreciate style and fashion as much as I do. Ms Manche is a woman, who makes boss moves in the board room, adorns the best that fashion has to offer, travels the world for sport and makes her mark in the fashion community.

Tshego Manche, is a fashion director, travel enthusiast, global luxury influencer and business woman. The South African beauty has made her mark on the African fashion community by always dressing her best and providing the best fashion pieces from her retail company La Manche.

Style Profile | Ms Manche
Credit: Ms Manche / Instagram

Her social media pages are to die for. She is often seen in high fashion brands such as Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Alaia among many others. Also globetrotting seems to be a hobby of hers. It is safe to say that her instagram page is every stylish woman’s dream palette. In one post. she can be seen seated front row at various fashion shows within the continent. In another, she is seeing hanging out with fashion pioneers like Kefilwe Mabote. Better yet, we can see her casually taking pictures in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris.

Her sense of style is classy, tasteful with a hint of edgy. Her personal designer collection has many with envy and her styling and attention to detail is in every way articulate. I appreciate her sense of style, her poise, her glamour and her appreciation for all things high fashion.

Here is a look at all things stylish by Ms Manche.

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  • Laura

    She just inspired me to be more in fashion and aim higher thanks

    • Lysa

      Very excited for you to find someone who inspires you and breaks even in fashion. Now to put it in action

  • Jenifer

    Tshego Manche’s style is on top of the game.I really love the fact that she does not exaggerate and keeps it simple and nice from office to casual look

    • Lysa

      We completely agree with what you’ve said. Her style is a good example of it’s about HOW you wear something.

  • Daisy

    I really love your fashion reviews🙌learning so much

    • Lysa

      Thank you so much. We shall keep doing more of them.

  • felly munyiva

    Timeless and classy… Every day life goals❤❤🌼

    • Lysa

      You got that right!!!

  • Georgina Giathi

    WHOA. Her style is a combination of vitality and glamour. She’s a pace setter, TOTAL GOALS!!!

    • Indeed. She is every stylish woman’s dream palette!

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