stretching your new boo

Make Stretching Your New Boo!

Probably the most overlooked and skipped aspect of a workout, and daily routine. Stretching! Most people tend to squeeze in a short stretch before and after a workout, but what about when you wake up or right before bed? Or even at the office when you just need that little extra boost? Or before you have a roll about the sack with your significant other? These are all times when stretching is just what the doctor would prescribe. If you are still unsure as to why you should stretch, read on and see the benefits that come with stretching.

stretching for injury prevention
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Injury Prevention

Stretching works to loosen muscles, and increase mobility and flexibility as they are in motion. Tense muscles tend to not be adapted to stretching hence strenuous motion can result in injuries. It is why trainers always work a stretch into a fitness regimen before and after workouts. After your stretch, bear in mind that you need to avoid these workout and post workout mistakes to maximize your results. Click here

Improved Mood

Tension often brought on by physical tension usually results in other problems such as mental and emotional stress. Stretching works to remove this tension and reduce not only physical but also emotional and mental stress. A good stretch session in between your daily work is something that could greatly not only improve your mood, but also lessen your fatigue.

stretching for improved sex life
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A Better Sex Life

A better sex life is something we all could use in our lives, and stretching is one of the things that can improve your bedroom performance greatly. In time, stretching improves one’s flexibility and reduces physical fatigue thus allowing a person a wide range of motion and better stamina and performance. Add on to the fact that stretching improves your mood, a pre-coital stretch should become a staple!

Improved Circulation

When you work your muscles, you are increasing blood flow to your joints and tissues. This allows for waste products in tissues to be carried away, and for the tissues and joints to receive vital nutrients.

stretching for better posture
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Better Posture

The more you continually stretch , over time your muscles loosen up and allow for an improved posture as the body responds particularly the back, neck and shoulder muscles.

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  • Laura

    Work outs can be alot sometimes or when I get lazy but it’s cool that stretching can put me in a motivating mood. Thanks to lysa I learned something new

    • Lysa

      We are super glad you have learnt something new. Another great thing about stretching is that it does not take a lot of time!

  • Jeniffer Anyango

    Now I understand the importance of stretching before and after workouts… Thanks lysa for the article

  • Georgina Giathi

    I have always been stretching after workouts for the mere sake of it but now knowing it’s benefits, I feel motivated to put my back to it and do it atleast for a longer period than I normally would.

    • You go girl! In due time, you’ll see the added benefits of stretching.

  • Michaels Angana Laura

    Am going to try this. I didn’t know it was this beneficial

  • wangari wairenge

    Once you know the benefits of something you do it religiously…i won’t Just be stretching just to stretch but for the benefits it Comes with

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