south africa fashion week 2017

South Africa Fashion Week 2017 | Street Carpet

Fashion week is a very important time of the year for those of us in the fashion community. Fashion week is a moment for;

  1. Different designers to show us their art.
  2. Fashion lovers to come together as they each tell us who they are that year according to how they choose to dress.

It doesn’t matter what city it is, fashion week is a moment every fashion connoisseur eagerly waits for, more so the South Africa Fashion Week 2017.

Africa is quickly embracing the art of fashion, with designers, stylists, models, photographers, fashion bloggers and influencers across the continent working towards making fashion huge in Africa.

The shows are graced by both public personalities as well as regular people with great taste in fashion. South Africa fashion week 2017 just took place a week ago and the designers that showcased did a wonderful job. Those is attendance brought their A game as well and I thought I would highlight a few of the stylish people that nailed their looks and chose to give us a full on manicure!

Mrs Sarah Langa Mackay. (Credit: Seventwo Photography)
Yasmin Furmie. (Credit: Layla Shaik Photography / Instagram)

South African street style says a lot about their culture and how their fashion community is embracing diversity in all forms. Their red carpet glamour is everything you hope for and so much more. Now when it comes to their street carpet, it is a fusion of both worlds.

The celebrities bring their photo ready looks and give us a glimpse of that red carpet glam while the rest of the fashion community brings the very best of their street style. No other words can best describe fashion week in South Africa but “Street Carpet opulence”. See for yourself below

Street carpet opulence during South Africa Fashion Week 2017

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  • Jennifer Miguya

    Literally in love with all of Nabilah’s looks – such a refreshing twist to modest fashion. LOVE IT!!!!

    • Lysa

      Nabilah’s fashion sense is top notch. Check out her page here and follow to always see more of what she’s got!

  • Jeniffer

    From the pictures it looks like the designers did very good work.
    I can’t wait to attend Nairobi Fashion Week 2017 to see both the local and international designers who will be showcasing their work… Designers like Genteeke,Tribal Thembi, Alexander Akande, Fatu Masha, Kidd Hunta among others… Looking forward to get a ticket for the event

    • Lysa

      Wow, you’ve done your homework and are keeping tabs on Nairobi Fashion Week. That’s amazing!!!

      • Jeniffer

        For my love of fashion and art…

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