Ladies, Take Care Of Your Flower! Lysa Magazine Smelling Great Is A Virtue Every Woman Should Have

Ladies, Take Care Of Your Flower!

When it comes to beauty, certain aspects are a must for every woman. For example; never going to bed with makeup on, moisturize your skin on a daily basis, at least two showers or baths a day, regular visits to the salon or beauty parlour, and most important smelling amazing at all times.

Smelling great to us women is not only for hygienic purposes but also for the luxury of it.

We can spend crazy amounts of cash on wonderfully scented body lotions, oils, shower gels, fragrance mists and perfume. Being freshly clean and smelling good is very important. Did you know that vaginas do get dirty and can have a foul odor? Dr. Streicher says that a foul smell or taste can signal a lost tampon, a bacterial infection, a change in P.H. levels, a yeast infection, or weak pelvic floor muscles that happen to have released urine.

Don’t panic and go crazy trying several things to keep it clean and healthy. It needs some moderate amount of work to keep it clean and smelling great.

Before we dive into it, it’s important to know this crucial difference between the vagina and the vulva. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the vulva is what you can see with your eyeballs when you look down at your pubic area. It’s the term for the external parts of the female anatomy. It includes the labia majora, labia minora, and tip of the clitoris. The only part of the vagina you can see from the outside of your body is the opening. The rest is a tube that connects the vulva to the cervix and uterus.

Here are 5 tips that are simple and necessary to take care of your flower!

Ladies, Take Care Of Your Flower! Lysa Magazine Smelling Great Is A Virtue Every Woman Should Have
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The easiest way to smelling great is to wash up on the regular.

Two showers or baths a day should be a ritual for every woman. You may want to use sweet-smelling shower gels, bath salts and body soaps. When it comes to washing your vulva, be gentle and avoid scented soaps. Douching your vagina is something that has received mixed reactions across the board; some are for it while some frown upon it. As far as we are concerned, the vagina is a self-cleaning body part that doesn’t need to be interfered with. Let it do its thing!

Your choice of underwear is also vital.

Pure cotton underwear is highly recommended. The fabric keeps you from feeling itchy around your vagina; it is comfortable and can be helpful in preventing any infections moving forward. Unlike thongs — while practical! — can whisk bacteria into the urethra because they’re so close-fitting, and that heightens your risk for a UTI (ouch). Let your vagina breathe, sleep with no underwear.

Tight skinny jeans are not for everyday.

It’s hot outside, the kind of heat that might just fry an egg. You want to put on your tightest pair of skinny jeans, the answer is NO. You want to make sure you get enough air in and out between your thighs especially where you tend to sweat more. Congestion of any kind can cause bad odor and nobody wants that.

Dryness? Try and moisturize.

A good trick is to apply virgin coconut oil, just a little oil on your bikini area. It is soothing and can make you smell like a tropical pastry. When it comes to spritzing perfume on your vagina, don’t. Apply your perfume elsewhere to keep you smelling beautiful all day long. Find out how you can make your perfume last all day here.

Regular visits to the gynaecologist’s office would not hurt.

Ask as many questions as you want and do not be shy. It is your body and it belongs to you and naturally, you want the best for it. If you are sexually active, pee before and after each sexual encounter and take a shower later. Do everything to take care of your flower and she will take care of you.

  • Ashley Noni

    I love this article because i believe in 100% hygiene of the precious flower 🙂 . Thanks for more tips! .
    instagram – ash_sonnie_

  • Thee_lovechild

    Does eating pineapples really work ??

  • Nicole Achieng

    absolutely love this…….thank you for the tips …..vaginal hygiene is definitely a key aspect of any woman’s life. Are there any recommendations for any other essential oils besides coconut that are okay to use down there?

    • You’re most welcome. In regards to more essential oils, we wouldn’t personally recommend any other.

  • Mukyenga N Mugabi

    Waxing our flowers hurts a bit but it goes a long way in caring for them as well.

    • Evelyn Waitherero

      @mukyenganmugabi:disqus I 100% concur!

    • It does. Stay tuned for ‘Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Bikini Wax’.

  • Kimberly Kardicey

    Pro tip: Kegel exercises also help to tone our pelvic floor muscles which helps protect our vaginal health. One thing I always tell myself is “what goes in must come out”

  • wangari wairenge

    This was so helpful. ..One thing Iv learned is never use soap around your vaginal area.. It changes the pH you said it cleans itself…also eating a lot of juicy fruits helps and water

  • Sheryl Muteshi

    I’m here for the tips !!! Thankyou for this

  • zarilyn.zonroe

    Also. A life saving hack : never clean flower with hot water..use either cold or lukewarm water. Add that to the 5 tips above and you’ll be good☺

    • True true! You don’t want to scald your special flower.

  • zoropiie6

    I love flowers..thanks for the tips..Thanks dear

  • GloWanjohi

    These are tips that every girl and woman should know. Douching is never a good idea

    • It is not and glad the tips above are proving to be helpful.

  • Hygiene!!!!awesome.

  • Marion Leah Kemunto

    Taking care of your flower is definitely does help boost self-esteem not only in the bedroom but also as you engage in your day to day activities..great tips

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