Sequins and fur

Sleigh The Season Away

The festive season is the one time that parties tend to follow one another throughout an entire month. From end of year office Christmas parties, to the friendly get together to family gatherings.  If you happen to work throughout the year including the month of December, you might find it challenging to constantly come up with an outfit for each festivity.

Breaking the bank is common in December and why not? If you intend to make memories you might as well invest in them. Having a wardrobe budget for the Christmas holidays is important but even better if the budget is dedicated to the items you have been eyeing all year. Try not to impulse shop during the holidays especially when it comes to items of clothing.

So many basic items that you probably already own, can come in handy when trying to sleigh through the Christmas soirees.  It’s time to dust off that box under your bed filled with clothes that might still even have the tags on.

Panty Hoes

Lady dressed in black with panty hose on
Credit: Micha Gianneli


A pair of panty hoes or a pair of stockings can go a long way when it comes to creating countless evening looks. Always opt for short dresses or skirts for this look. Black is the best color and literally every woman at one time or another owns a pair of basic black panty hoes.

Lady in polka dot stockings
Credit: Modyn Tucet

Fishnets are always a sexy and bold choice. It is the season so make a decision, this year are you naughty or nice?

Pair your stockings with a pair or pointy heels that once again I am sure you already own.

All That Glitters is Gold

Sequin jacket
Credit: Janelle Langford

Avoid competing with the Christmas lights and keep it minimal.  Yes, this is the time to bring out those sequins and metallic clothes you have not worn all year. Finally a time has come where you will be able to blend in, even with all that sparkle. When it comes to sparkle, try not to over-do it. Remember the rules never change, less will always be more.

Bring out the bling. It could be from your choice of highlight on your make up, from the accessories you decide on, from that vintage jeweled clutch you never seem to find in your closet or that item of clothing covered in jewels or sequins.

How to pair a sequin dress for Christmas
Credit: Daniella Morquin

Better yet, create a look with a plain sequin black dress (mini of course) some fishnet stockings, a statement neck piece and some black heels.  Trust that you already have these items, for they are pretty basic and quite easy to put together.

Warm and Fuzzy Slay

The ugly sweater Christmas parties are officially here. This also happens to be sweater weather. A plain black sweater and a pair of dress pants paired with a pair of classic swade boots and some bold make up.  This will make for a simple, sophisticated yet party friendly look. You will always win with simplicity. Sweater dresses are in, especially the off shoulder, figure hugging fit. Pair your sweater dress with a pair of strappy heels or a pair of over the knee velvet boots.

Christmas inspired Off shoulder dress with boots
Credit: Gabi Fresh

Draping a blazer or a trench coat over your shoulders will always be chic. The trick is to make sure the coat stays on your shoulders all night long. A subtle colored dress will always pair well with a brightly colored coat. Better yet go for a monochrome look, monochrome always looks way more expensive.

Christmas inspired Draped coat
Credit: Siyabunny
Christmas inspired Draped coat
Credit: Kate Bosworth

Even without the boots you have a pair of simple heels, pull those out. We all have sweaters and we also rarely wear them. It is time to put your collection to use. As for monochrome looks, imagine spicing up that all black pant suit you wore to a funeral months ago. Throw on some gold/silver hardware and some bold lips, you literally feel like it is brand new.

Christmas Black pant suit
Credit: Pop Sugar

Shopping can be quite expensive during the festive season, every penny must be saved. So go out and get the items on your wish list but take time and create seasonal looks from what you already have. That off shoulder dress you wore in the 90’s and that wide leg pair of pants your mom wore in the 70’s , are back so get crafty and sleigh all December.




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