skin care routine

Skin Care Routine

“FOREVER YOUNG…I wanna be forever young…”

There’s nothing as fantastic as the smooth, clear and glowing skin of a child. It’s a clean blank slate free of all marks be it acne spots, pimples, blackheads and the like. Then puberty strikes, and your face changes from “flawless” to “what-is-happening-to-my-face!” The spots come out and your face is either too oily or too dry. It is about time you started taking extra good care of your skin. You may think you don’t need it and find it tedious, but in the long run a good skin care routine will serve you well. Here is a step to step guide on how to go about it, bearing at the back of your mind what type of skin you have.


In simple terms, this is washing your face and it is advisable to do so every morning and evening. This will prevent excess oil production, open up your pores and get rid of dirt.

skin care routine
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Facial scrub

Most people will know this step as exfoliating, advised to be done about twice a week. This is removing dead skin cells from the outer surface of your skin by rubbing a coarse textured substance on your face. It also allows better circulation of blood.

skin care routine
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A mask is a pasty substance applied for a couple of minutes (about 15 depending on the mask) to hydrate your skin, soothe your face and replenish skin nutrients. You can use either the pasty substance or a mask sheet. Depending on your skin type, you can choose to use a mask twice a week or more.


It is a wash or lotion that refreshes the skin, shrinks pores, and balances the pH of your skin. For people with oily or acne-prone skin, a toner is a must and is used in the morning and in the evening.

skin care routine
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Acne spot treatment

For those who have acne, this step will help soothe the redness of the spots and depending on your product, reduce the size of the spots and eventually dry them out and they fade away.

skin care routine
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Anti – aging cream

You know you want to prevent those wrinkles and look young, right? This is the time during your skin care routine to apply your anti-aging serum.

skin care routine
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Eye cream

This is the best thing to treat those dark circles after a long night or ‘I just woke up’ look, puffiness caused by crying, allergies, infections, wearing spectacles and even wrinkles.

skin care routine
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A moisturizing lotion or cream keeps your skin hydrated and makes you feel refreshed.

skin care routine
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Facial oil

These oils will make your skin glow, keep toxins out and rejuvenates the skin.

skin care routine
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Also knows as SPF (Sun Protection Factor), sunscreen is a spray or a lotion that helps protect against sunburn by reflecting some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This should be applied daily even when the sun is not out and it’s cloudy and rainy. The reason being is, you are still being hit by harmful UV rays. When buying sunscreen, look for one with at least an SPF of 30.

skin care routine
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Apply some lip balm to keep those lips moisturized, smooth and soft.

Let this be your new guide for your skin care routine.

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