The Throwback That Has Made A Glorious Comeback

When it comes to fashion, nothing is ever really out of style. Trends move back and forth from generation to generation. When a trend comes back, it is usually better than ever but always with a hint of the original vibe. Denim on denim, platforms, totes, flower power, big hair, metallic shades, circular frames, wide leg pants. All these fashion trends have made a comeback and stylish women all over the world have embraced them.

The off shoulder trend is one that has been the rave since summer 2016. Blouses, shirts, dresses even coats come in this trend. The off shoulder vibe, dates back all the way to circa 1970. Various high fashion and street brands have included the style in their collections both on the runway and retail. Summer, spring even winter, this trend can be styled to accommodate each season.

Credit: Blogger Chicamastyle

The off shoulder makes perfect for appropriate date attire, evening attire, and church attire or even to a formal event if done just right. Paired with jeans, boots, heels, sneakers or flats, either way you can make it work.

This trend is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. Fashion should be fun and able to accommodate us all.  Personally it works wonders for me when it comes to concealing my arms yet revealing them at the same time.


This is one trend that I don’t see going out of style any time soon.

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