New Year eve makeup

New Year’s Glam Makeup

With the New Year approaching, the festive spirit hasn’t died out just yet. Whether you’ll be going clubbing or attending a concert early in the New Year, I have put together some glamorous, easy beauty looks to keep the festive spirit alive a little longer.

Eye Makeup…

The New Year period is often the only time sequin haters gladly don sequined outfits. So why not add a little sparkle to your eyes as well with something most of us shy away from – Glitter Eye Shadow. The regular Smokey eye just won’t cut it. Start by picking a neutral color of your choice and apply it on your lids. I suggest a subtle Smokey eye. However, ditch the black for a deep brown instead. This will create that Smokey effect but still keep your eye makeup looking very neutral, just remember not to overdo the Smokey effect. You may then add a dab, just a dab of golden glitter eye shadow. What Smokey eye would be complete without falsies? Again, the secret is to find a balance between neutrality and bold make up. Therefore if you choose to wear lashes, ensure that they are light and natural looking. Add some mascara and you are good to go.

New Year eve makeup
Credit: An Knook

If blending glitter eye shadow isn’t your type of cardio, how about trying out the Glossy Eyelids trend? Clear gloss is actually used to achieve this look. Mix your favorite eye shadow with some gloss and swipe it on to your lids. This look is super easy. Glossy eyelids definitely add pizazz to an otherwise neutral look.

New Year eve makeup
Credit: Maybelline

The Face…

For the face, again with striking a balance in mind, opt for a light contour to add some definition and of course don’t forget your highlight, For a natural glow, highlight the top of your cheeks, brow bone, bridge of the nose and the Cupid’s bow.  Blush is absolutely essential, as your eyes will be standing out, reach out for a blush in a subtle light pink or peachy shade.

The Lips…

When going for an ‘over the top’ look red, bold lips probably come into mind. However, considering we have glittery eyelids, the beloved red lip will have to take a rain check. Instead go for a darker shade like a deep purple or a dark brown (like Lime Crime’s Salem)

New Year eve makeup
Credit: Lime Crime


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    I’m all about the bold make up and a really maroon lip.. Favourite duo

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