what if i went natural

What If I Went Natural?

Most, if not all, women with relaxed hair have had that moment of “what if?” My main logic behind relaxing my hair was generally to have hair that ‘blew in the wind’. I was a teenager, don’t ask. Safe to say I was not entirely satisfied because my freshly relaxed hair was bone straight and lacked that ‘natural bounce’ that I saw on the pretty girls on TV.

what if i went natural hair
Credit: Mercy Mwende

Then I turned 21. And that question came up too frequently to ignore. And it came loaded with “Why did I want to relax my hair in the first place?” “Will it grow back if I cut it?” “Everyone will hate it” “I won’t be able to maintain it” “I WILL LOOK LIKE A BOY!!!” In hindsight, all these concerns were a representation of the ideal of beauty that I was conditioned to believe over the years.

Honey, let me save you some time and trouble with the following statement: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Your beauty is so much more than your hair, skin and nails. It’s in your courage, your grit, your pain, your wit and your resilience in the struggle.

what if i went natural hair
Credit: Mercy Mwende

So instead of asking, “What If I Went Natural?” ask “What If I Became Authentic?” I believe that was what was nagging me deep down when I had that urge to transition to natural hair. And that came with a complete overhaul of the products I used, the content I consumed and the way I treated myself. The world around just…had to adjust.

what if i went natural hair
Credit: Mercy Mwende


  • Inayat

    The day I decided to love my hair, was the most liberating day for me

    • Lysa

      That is very profound!!!

  • Felly Munyiva

    I had also relaxed my hair but it became so thin i didnt like it… But i decided to go natural and i rock an afro from time to time. Best decision ever.

    • That’s amazing. Now you’ve got body and much more!

  • Eila Dencie Oketch

    Being natural and authentic….

  • Jeniffer Anyango

    With all the natural hair products available in the market today…most women are going natural…the true definition of beauty

  • Georgina Giathi

    ‘Be your Own Beautiful’ is a phrase used by most but I feel that ‘beauty’ should be defined by ones own terms. Going natural should be a decision that should emanate from oneself without the phrase ‘it’s now trending’ coming to mind. Great article!

  • Paula Josphat

    I can relate,thank you for this…

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    Great article. I resonate with me so much

  • Kimberly Kardicey

    In today’s world, there are many african women who proudly identify themselves as “nappy girls” and have given up on relaxers and other extreme treatments in favour of growing hair in its natural state. Celebrities like Erykah Badu, Lupita Nyong’o and Janelle Monae among others have actually adopted natural hair making it a popular trend.

    • And now we’re making movies out of it – Nappily Ever After – Let’s hope it doesn’t just be a trend and is instead something that we fully embrace and not drop off after sometime.

  • Michaels Angana Laura

    I always say I will look like a boy

  • wangari wairenge

    I had relaxed hair for 4 years since I was in high school and I needed my hair to be easy to comb through all term long. ..it left me with no hair in the middle section and I think I was balding due to the heavy chemicals I was using. Immediately I finished school I chopped it off and now my hair is healthier as ever and I love it

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