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Natural Hair Blogger: Craving Yellow

Yes, she is always smiling and it is infectious. Tabitha, the lovely lady full of sunshine, is the creative behind the blog, Craving Yellow. It is a journey that she takes her readers on regarding her long natural hair; tips and tricks, length checks, regimens…it’s all there.

craving yellow
Credit: Cedric Mungai

Tell us a little bit about yourself using 5 adjectives.

Tabitha is a warm, energetic, perceptive risk taker and life-long learner. I’m always looking to explore the world around me for lessons but more importantly, so that I can use my life to improve the lives of those around me.

How long is your hair?

My hair is about 18 inches long now and I’ve been growing it for about 6 years. This is the absolute longest it has ever been in my life and I attribute this to good hair practices and techniques such as the ones I share with my readers and followers on my social media platforms.

craving yellow
Credit: Cedric Mungai

We can guess the advantages of having long healthy natural hair, but what challenges do you encounter with it?

Oh my! My hair drinks up a lot of product. At the length at which I am, my 250ml deep conditioner only lasts me about 3 uses. Also, it takes me up to 5 hours to gently finger detangle my hair. When I started out, my entire wash day would last only about 3 hours. (Click here for her current wash day regimen found on her blog Craving Yellow)

Why did you start a blog in the first place?

I started my blog, Craving Yellow, to share my experience as an African woman living abroad in the diaspora. I was a senior in University and I thought this would be a fantastic way to document my life in my own words and using my own pictures. Hair has always been a passion of mine so I used that as a conversation-starter!

craving yellow
Credit: Cedric Mungai

How was your first meet and greet in Nairobi, Kenya?

Fantastic. Let me also say, humbling. I am just amazed at how incredibly supportive the Kenyan hair community has been to me. I’m just amazed. About 200 people attended and I got the chance to not only put names to faces but also to share a little bit of how the blog comes together behind the scenes.

What song is currently the soundtrack to your life? (the lyrics explain where you are or what you feel at this moment in your life)

Options by Pitbull at this very moment but also this soundtrack by Chris Tomlin about finding our identity in God. Both are so relevant to me right now. I’ll let you listen and perceive..haha!

craving yellow
Credit: Cedric Mungai

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done in your life and how was it?

Oh word – not that much to be honest. I guess I went on some adventure park in Washington DC while I was doing my internship there. But after about an hour of knocking my head all over the place, I was pretty much done! Haha! Let’s just say ground is fine for me.

Any bold hair looks you would like to try?

Not quite. My hair is my baby and I’m it’s over-protective mother so I’ll pass on anything that might potentially harm or disfigure it.

craving yellow
Credit: Cedric Mungai

What fear do you have when it comes to your hair?

Hmm..I don’t really have any to be honest. It has come from so far so even if it all falls off (God forbid!), I know it can still grow back pretty decently.

What are your thoughts on the hair blogging industry in Kenya?

It’s super dynamic! As opposed to other types of blogging, I do find that hair bloggers have a sense of comraderie that is truly humbling. We genuinely love what we do, and we do what we do so that others may be encouraged in their hair journeys. It’s quite inspiring actually!

craving yellow
Credit: Cedric Mungai

That’s not it, watch Craving Yellow’s A-Z and get to know her better. Click here

Outfits courtesy of Katungulu Mwendwa.

  • Laura

    You taught me how to take care of my hair thank you so much

    • Lysa

      You’re most welcome and a big thank you to Tabitha, Craving Yellow. Check out her blog and YouTube Channel for so much more!

  • Eila Dencie Oketch

    Craving Yellow…😆😆😆😆😆😍😍😍😍
    She is an amazing lady!!!
    I love her

  • Georgina Giathi

    Well there has been a wave of change when it comes to Kenyan ladies and natural hair over the last couple of years and I feel that one of the ladies who initiated it and shedding light on how best to take care of ones mane is Craving Yellow! The impact has also inclined women’s confidence in natural hair compared to how most ladies in the early 20s would bury their natural hair in weaves or cloths!

  • Jeniffer Anyango

    I love her energy and determination. She has brought alot of change to the modern woman through her natural hair blog ‘ craving yellow’ for women of colour

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    I had the pleasure of meeting her today at the hair raising conference.. ..she is energetic and vevery warm. …She has changed the human hair community and still continues to change topics women discuss… She is a force to reckon with in the industry

  • Paula Josphat

    Tabitha is such an inspiration i love how real she is in her YT channel.

  • Grace Candice

    I wish I could get to know the products she used for those 6 years

  • wangari wairenge

    To be honest Iv never really heard of her till now and she seems to be passionate about her work I’ll definitely check her YouTube channel

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