Makeup Or No Makeup? makeup free lysa africa

Makeup Or No Makeup?

The decision to wear makeup, or none at all should always stem from a place of empowerment. Not wearing makeup isn’t an indication that something is wrong. How you wear your make up or whether you should wear makeup at all should be a decision that is solely up to you. You do not have to be pressured to conform to a certain beauty ideal. Let us dispel these notions by exploring healthy reasons why women opt to wear or not to wear makeup.

Makeup Or No Makeup? makeup free lysa africa
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Makeup Or No Makeup? makeup free lysa africa
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When worn properly, makeup is supposed to enhance and accentuate your best features. The idea that someone can only be pretty with makeup is inaccurate. It simply enhances what is already there. When you wear makeup, think of it as celebrating the beautiful features that you have. Eyeliner for example makes your eyes stand out more, be it your eye color or the shape of your eyes, so do false lashes and mascara. Contouring on the other hand allows facial features such as your nose, jawline and cheek bones to stand out as well.

For those that love makeup but are often afraid of where to start to create a clean makeup look, a great guideline to follow is to focus on a feature at a time.

If your eyes are the focus, a smokey eye paired with a soft lip and light contour would do the trick. For your lips, a bold lip color such as a red or burgundy paired with light eye makeup would look stunning. You can also just enhance all your features at once, but in a much more subtle manner to avoid the clown look. A soft pink for the lips, a light stroke of highlight over the nose and cheeks, false lashes and nude tones for eye shadow and finally a dash of blush for the cheeks.

Overall the decision to wear makeup is yours to make. Do so with the aim of appreciating your features in mind.

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Makeup Or No Makeup? makeup free lysa africa
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A lot of women speak of feeling pressured to wear makeup, either to events or even just to leave the house. Your decision to wear makeup should be informed solely by whether you feel like it. When women have a break out, or scars , we almost feel guilty if we don’t cover it up. However, none of that pressure is ever put on men (who for some odd reason tend to have really good skin). A pimple every now and then is normal, and scars from pimples are signs that your skin has healed. All of which are signs your body is functioning as it should. Do not feel the need to apologize for that. The immediate priority should be to get your skin to recover fully (often a process that requires you to wear little to no makeup).

Even when you have healthy skin, there’s still some discomfort associated with not wearing any make up. Remember make up only accentuates the features that are already there; don’t be afraid to head out just as you are.

Ideally, whichever option you pick should leave you feeling great about yourself. Wearing either a full face of makeup or a bare face, both aim to embrace and celebrate your beauty. Always remember that makeup should not be a mask, makeup is art; it is passion; it is expression!

Makeup Or No Makeup? makeup free lysa africa
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  • Jojo Mpendwa

    I agree that make up should be used to enhanceones beauty and not change someone’s appearance

  • wangari wairenge

    To me if you feel like your life is incomplete without make up something is wrong…it should not be a necessity but Just something to fall back on when your feeling extra sassy

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