Top 5 Things Every Makeup Artist Wants You To Know

Having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist is honestly one of the most fun, relaxing and glamorous experiences any lady could ever ask for. However, if you are new to the whole experience you may be wondering exactly what to expect or what the makeup artist expects of you. In order to ensure you have a great experience and foster a good working relationship with your MUA, here are a few things we are sure every makeup artist want you to know.

  • Come with a clean moisturized face

Picture of a clean face before a makeup artist works on it
Credit: Ron Keraji / YouTube

The whole point of going to a makeup artist is so that you can get your makeup done professionally from scratch. It therefore doesn’t make any sense for you to show up for your appointment with a full face of makeup because the artist is still going to have to take it off. Every MUA wants to start their work on a clean fresh canvas that means no foundation or even mascara; your makeup artist will provide all these things and apply them for you as part of their package.

  • Silence is golden

Demonstrating silence while a makeup artist is working
Credit: Ventac

It’s always good to engage in a casual conversation with your artist for a number of reasons. Some of these are; to avoid awkward silence, to let them know how you feel about the makeup application and what your expectations are. However, there is a time that your makeup artist will require you to just sit back in silence and relax. This is especially when they are doing your lipstick. Your MUA is trying to achieve crisp, flawless lines and nothing is more distracting than applying makeup to a moving face.

  • I am a Makeup Artist not a Dermatologist or therapist

A therapy session in play
Credit: SheKnows

Granted that MUA’S are experts in all things beauty, don’t expect them to answer all your skin related problems. Asking your makeup artist to recommend topical creams to manage your skin is not a good idea; you are better off visiting a dermatologist for this. Worst off are the clients that start pouring out their feelings to you during the makeup process. We understand how therapeutic and calming getting a professional face beat can be but please don’t mistake this for a therapy session. Your makeup artist is simply there to make you look and feel beautiful. This is not an opportunity to vent out your feelings as this just makes the whole process awkward…Keep it professional please.

  • I cannot make you look like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian with a well contoured face
Credit: Complex

A makeup artist has your face as their working canvas. Bear in mind, even with contouring and highlighting, there is only so much that they can achieve. Although they will do their best to help you achieve your desired look, don’t ask a MUA to make you look like Kim Kardashian. You do not have similar features or Kim’s bone structure. Do not have unrealistic expectations or demand the impossible. Unless you are having your makeup done by a Special Effects Makeup Artist who is able to do drastic transformations, there is only so much that ordinary makeup can do for you. Have an honest discussion with your artist about the look you are trying to achieve before getting started. This will help them to advise you accordingly.

  • Touch ups are necessary

Applying touch up powder onto the face in the makeup process
Credit: Vidalondon

The benefit of working with a MUA is that they are able to create a look for you that is built for longevity. Although your makeup will hold for some time, you will still be required to sneak in a quick touch up. Always ensure you have at least oil blotting sheets, powder and lipstick. This will keep you looking fresh much longer. The fact that you have paid a decent amount of money to get your makeup done does not mean that your makeup will hold until the end of time.

  • Georgina Giathi

    This is so accurate! I recall a time where I was having my face beat for a wedding and I was talking to the MUA non stop. In my mind I though I was being friendly and creating a rapport between me and MUA and yet all that time, the artist was getting nerve triggered!

    • Haha! That is a funny experience. Do the talking before and after:)

  • Jeniffer Anyango

    I really feel sorry for the MUA they go through alot in their course of duty…but they always make sure we look beautiful…Thumbs up to all MUA out there doing exemplary work

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    MUA go through slot in the course of their work.. .from having unsatisfied clients to having clients with unreal expectations. Kudos to all MUA out there.

    • They really do and it is important that together we are taking the time to understand what they go through and appreciating them for their work!

  • roseThorne

    I will definitely keep these tips in mind next time I work with a MUA. They do amazing work even though it must not be easy especially on the part of unrealistic expectations and the therapy sessions. Lol. God keep blessing the work of their hands.

  • wangari wairenge

    I once witnessed a MUA doing bridal make up and I swore never to do that work… The clients were so tough and rude and didn’t even know what they wanted so they kept changing looks up… Kudos to MUAs out there for sure

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