Maca Root: Good For You & Your Sex Life!

This super-food has exploded in the social scene over the past couple of years, and we just had to get in on the maca buzz to see what it’s all about. Scroll down and read all about this Peruvian native plant!

What is it?

maca root
Credit: Bilgili

Maca root is a herbaceous plant that is grown and is solely used as a root vegetable or a medicinal herb.

Why is it good for you?

Jam-packed with nutrients, it is a great source of key minerals and vitamins including vitamin C and iron. It is also a good source of carbs, proteins, and fiber while being low in fat. It has anti-oxidants known as polyphenol and glucosinolates which have a protective effect against UV rays. This makes maca a great home-made DIY sunscreen when used on the skin.

maca root powder
Credit: Shape

Maca root increases the volume, count and activity of sperm, which in turn increases the libido in both men and women, as well as to increase fertility in men. In women, it is known to help relieve symptoms of menopause, and to protect the bone health in women after menopause.

maca root smoothie
Credit: The Blender Girl

Maca ties in with an increase in athletic performance by helping boost energy, increase strength and improve endurance. In addition, it reduces anxiety and symptoms of depression through compounds known as flavonoids.

How to take it?

maca root breakfast bowl
Credit: The Maca Team

Including maca into your diet is pretty simple. Add it into your favorite smoothie, your breakfast bowl of oatmeal, or even bake it into your next batch of cookies. Maca comes in capsule form and can be taken as supplements. A word of caution, it can be a bit bitter. Try adding acai to sweeten things out. For more on the benefits of acai, click here.

  • Laura

    For the benefits I will try hope it’s not that bitter

    • Lysa

      It may be a bit bitter but you can add a sweetener like honey.

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  • Georgina Giathi

    Well I have never encountered Maca before but I will be sure to give it a try

    • Add it into your favorite smoothie, your breakfast bowl of oatmeal, or even bake it into your next batch of cookies.

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    • Lysa

      Glad you use this super food! Thank you very much for your feedback and kind words.

  • Paula Josphat

    WOW so many benefits in one plant..Wish it was readily available in its natural form in KENYA

    • Check out Healthy U stores, you may find it there.

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