read my lips

Read My Lips

Today I puckered up with the newest shade, Appealing to my natural self I felt relaxed but itching to be a tad bit flirty, I figured I could change and be plain fun, With time I got bored, And I attempted to seduce you home, So I became bold, sexy and sensual, The only trail I left was a traced outline of my lips on your collarbone, I had to move on, Be mysterious and put up an air of confidence, I’m now drawn to the darker side


Why does one person have all these different personalities? That’s because of the lipstick colours they choose to wear. Well, READ MY LIPS…

Shades of brown

Natural, warm, relaxed, generous, orderly, dependable and not overly outgoing

Shades of orange

Generous, plain fun, kind and cheerful

Shades of pink

Loving, adorable, flirty, a little innocent but adventurous

Shades of purple/mauve

Regal, sophisticated, powerful, romantic, confident, organized and mysterious

Shades of red

Hot, outgoing, sexy, bold, passionate, sensual, confident, self-assured, seductive, energetic and not easily intimidated


You have a dark side to you, dare-devil, self-opinionated and confident

What about you; What color defines you? Which color would you like to try out?

  • Violet

    Wow…. Good to know the meaning of different lipstick colors.

    • Lysa

      Yes it is. Now you know what people are reading from your lip colors

  • Jeniffer

    I never thought of different lipstick colours having different meanings…now i know…thank you @lysamagazine @ Anaya …looking forward to reading more of this

    • Lysa

      Amazing. Now that you know what they mean, tell us what is your go to color and what color are you willing to try out?

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  • Georgina Giathi

    Lovely article and outright clear on the meaning behind lip colors, I will now be more aware to matching liptick colors to my current mood as well as to be able to read lips as well.

    • You got it. Don’t be afraid to try out new colors out of your comfort zone! Because, why not? Haha!

  • Paula Josphat

    i love this cant wait to put on my black lippie i have been shying away from

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