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Layering Up In Bundles Of Trendy Style

It’s a new month, the eleventh month of 2017 and that brings us to the final lap of your 2017 fashion Olympics. It also happens to be a bit cold in Nairobi as we welcome the short rains season. Just because the weather is dull does not mean your closet has to be equally dull.

Layering up can be stylish if you have the right items and know exactly how to put them together, to create a stylish yet sensible outfit that shows obedience to both fashion and the weather. Let’s categorize this under responsible fashion choices.

Here are three items that every fashion forward female should own for the season. Remember, that wardrobe staples are very important when creating the ultimate closet. A wardrobe staple can create more than one look and it can be incredibly convenient when it comes to taking less time to come up with the perfect look.

Thigh High or Over the Knee Boots

Credit: Google Uk

The thigh high and over the knee boots have made a glorious come back and I’m here for it. The thigh high boot always seems to remind me of the “Pretty Woman” movie back in the early 90’s, when Julia Roberts blew everyone away with all that sexy. So trust this particular trend to keep you warm without taking the sexy aspect away from your look.  Over the knee boots are equally as stylish and can be styled in the exact same way. Tuck your well fitting jeans into your boots, wear your boots under a long maxi dress with a thigh high slit or throw on a flirty little dress for that extra sass. Suede fabric is always the best when it comes to the thigh high or over the knee boots but I would also recommend velvet boots.

Velvet is back and it is better than ever! Also the variety of colors when it comes to this fabric is amazing. Because we tend to wear a lot of black during cold seasons, why not go for a colorful pair of boots?

Classic Biker Jacket

Credit: Collage Vintage

Biker jackets will never go out of style, they date back to the late 80’s and just like denim we all need a classic biker jacket in our closet. Pair your jacket with a dress, a blouse and skirt, a pair of pants or the classic denim and biker jacket duo. Now they come with fringe detail, rivet studs and the latest trend is the embroidered rose detail.

When it comes to biker jackets, going for faux leather is a wise decision. Always try to practice responsible fashion.

Faux Fur

Credit: Nabilah Kariem / Instatgram

Fur makes you look and feel expensive, quote me on that. This is the perfect addition to your warm look for the evening during this cold season. Yes you can still rock your fur during the day, but there is something incredibly luxurious about faux fur over that little black dress for a night out.

Pair your fur with official or casual looks. You can opt for classic black fur or colorful fur. Balance is key and knowing exactly how to style this look is very important.

If your look is subtle, you can opt got a brightly colored fur coat. If your look is over the top then you can go for some white or black fur. Fur collars, fur scarves and fur coats, just get you something furry and fabulous! Again it would be responsible to go for faux fur.

Credit: Citizen Couture


Add these three items to your closet this season and you will find yourself coming up with endless looks all month long. Sometimes all you need is a few basic staples to help you create even a hundred looks. Less is always more when it comes to fashion and in more ways than one.

You can easily get these pieces from your local thrift store, your regular boutiques or even better, online. Stay warm but bundle up with the very best that style has to offer.

  • Lynn

    Fashion is a risky business and only a few play the rules

    • Lysa

      Sometimes rules are meant to be broken

  • Lynn

    Fashion is a game only a few play by the rules

  • Keren your love

    I love seeing fashion advice and all, it’s like Pintrest with not only ideas but also advice. Pretty cool!

    • Lysa

      Thank you so much. Stay tuned for more to come

  • Daisy

    Getting me some thigh high velvet boots💁

    • Lysa

      Yes honey, you do that and style them well!!!

  • felly munyiva

    There is something about faux fur and how it makes your whole ensemble look expensive❤❤🌼

    • Lysa

      It does!!! What makes it even better is that you can rock it during the day or at night; be it as a scarf, jacket or coat

  • Jeniffer

    Fashion has the power of transformation and brings full potential of the person in question

    • Lysa

      No one could have said it any better Jeniffer!

  • Georgina Giathi

    faux fur has the eloquent touch to it and elevates the mood in ones code, especially where one goes for a neutral color or really bright colors for a funky look

    • Yes and you can have Fur collars, fur scarves and fur coats, just get you something furry and fabulous!!!

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    Thigh high boots speak of elegance and style for me…. I would rock it very comfortably

  • wangari wairenge

    I fear layering up cause I feel like I would look really baggy

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