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Fashion is a representation of who you are and a declaration of the person you are capable of becoming. Putting together an outfit is the simple part. However, creating a vibe or a style palette is where the work comes in. Truly defining you through what you choose to wear is a skill known to a selected few. Liz Lizo is a Kenyan fashion blogger based in the States.  New York is her home and she dresses for the concrete jungle. Her sense of style can’t be put in words but a description would be: high fashion labels, quirky, sophisticated and rich in culture.

What does Liv love?

Liz loves her designer picks, attends fashion week and floods her Instagram with outfit of the day pictures that leave a stylish eye with envy. She travels, dines and works in ultimate style.

Kenyan fashion blogger in designer fashion items
Credit: Liz Lizo / Instagram

She plays around with fabric, print and color. Her style is not predictable and that is what makes it the more memorable. She looks luxurious and well put together like a stylish female should.

She adds a touch of where she is, where she has been and where she comes from to her every day look. Her style says a lot about her. I can tell that she has a taste for the fine things in life and that she has a vibrant side to her. Let your style speak volumes about you.

Fashion blogger Liz Lizo
Credit: Liz Lizo / Instagram
  • Jeniffer Anyango

    Following her for the OOTDs…

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  • wangari wairenge

    Go Kenya… She is really representing us good

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