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Korean Beauty | How To Get Glowing “Glass Skin”

One look that is consistently on trend for spring is fresh, ‘just out of the shower’ dewy skin. What better way to get this look than with the “glass skin” trend. Just like fashion trends, there are also skin care trends. K-Beauty focuses a lot on healthy skin and not too long ago, the Korean beauty world came up with the glass skin trend. This beauty look is all about moisture. It’s when your skin is so healthy, smooth, pore-less, even-toned and super hydrated that it looks almost transparent just like glass – hence the term.

This trend first popped up when aspiring makeup artist from Los Angeles Ellie Choi took to Instagram and Twitter revealing every single step she takes towards her skin-care routine which has her looking dewy and pore-less.

Korean Beauty | How To Get Glowing "Glass Skin" Lysa Africa Magazine Ellie Choi
Credit: Herald Of Fashion

Needless to say this tweet went viral and just like that, everyone became obsessed with achieving Ellie’s “glass skin”.

To achieve the ultimate glass skin, you have to create it using skincare products and not makeup which makes it quite difficult to master if you have big pores or even blemish-prone skin. This means that you have to first work below the skin’s surface to make sure your complexion is clear before you even think of adding on the glow. Youthfulness and flawlessness are of great importance in Korean tradition therefore, this trend is not a quick fix. You have to be committed to regular exfoliation, a strict skincare regimen and using good blemish-fighting products.

The skincare routine for glass skin.

Korean Beauty | How To Get Glowing "Glass Skin" Lysa Africa Magazine
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There is no set formula to follow but the general consensus is that a sheet mask should be part of this routine as it helps with that added glow. Here is my guide on how you can start layering the skincare products needed for this look.

Step 1: Cleanse

As with any skincare routine, the first step should always be cleansing. It’s important to get all the dirt and makeup off your face first. You can use a cleansing balm or any regular cleanser. Be sure to look for one with a hydrating formula that will not strip your skin of moisture, and will also be efficient enough to get rid of makeup and grime from your face.

Step 2: Exfoliate

If you want to achieve the look of glass skin, you must be dedicated to exfoliating. This step is an every other day thing, but nonetheless, a crucial part to the entire process. Regular exfoliation will help to slough off dead skin cells leaving your skin looking and feeling smooth.

Step 3: Tone

After cleansing, a non-negotiable step in K-Beauty is using the ‘7 skin method’ which consists of patting on seven layers of a gentle hydrating toner. The idea is to layer up the toner in order to really light up the skin from within. After exfoliating, while your skin is still damp, apply the first layer of your toner and allow it to sit on your skin until the skin soaks it all up. Apply the second layer, let it get absorbed into the skin before applying the third layer then continue this process seven times.

Step 4: Use a sheet mask

Korean beauty is not complete without including sheet masks. Ellie Choi suggests using facial sheet masks weekly to properly replenish the face. Sheet masks are very hydrating and will therefore help to add another layer of moisture back to your skin. In case you are wondering how sheet masks work, here is a guide. You can also grab your own sheet masks from Uptown Girl Store

Korean Beauty | How To Get Glowing "Glass Skin" Lysa Africa Magazine
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Step 5: Moisturize

Layer on a decent amount of moisturizer. Look for water-based moisturizers that offer lightweight hydration. Water-based moisturizers act like a ‘boost’ of water for the skin, continually refreshing it. With a good moisturizer, you are well on your way to achieving the appearance of glass skin.

Step 6: Apply a highlighting lotion

Korean Beauty | How To Get Glowing "Glass Skin" Lysa Africa Magazine Highlighting Lotion
Credit: Makeup Alley

This step is optional but if you want to take your glow to another level then you can use a highlighting lotion. A little goes a long way when it comes to using highlighting lotion. Simply focus on applying it to your cheekbones and the tip of your nose.

PS: Achieving a radiant complexion also has a lot to do with your diet as well so be sure to look into this and sticking to a good skincare regimen. With this, you should be well on your way to rocking the glass skin trend.

Korean Beauty | How To Get Glowing "Glass Skin" Lysa Africa Magazine
Credit: Miss Darcei

 Check out a guide for your skin care routine here.


  • Modestar Kimani

    I didn’t know about applying my toner 7 times, I only do it once…
    This is seriously one of my favorite articles for sure…. Glass skin here I come

    • It does sound a bit too extreme. Here’s an easy tutorial to guide you;

  • Paula Josphat

    Clearly there is no shortcut to awesome skin.

    • Honey, there isn’t. It requires time, hard work and the interest in getting to know your skin.

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