Beauty Guide For The Metro-Sexual Male grooming tips for men lysa africa

Beauty Guide For The Metro-Sexual Male

Everybody wants to look good. It’s not just the ladies that need to take care of their appearance, I am sure guys want to look their best too. Today the metro-sexual male is eager to learn about personal care. However, for fear of being looked at as too ‘feminine’ or feeling less manly for having a bathroom full of “beauty” products, guys rarely talk to each other about this topic. Grooming tips for guys are still not as common as beauty tips for ladies however this should not be an excuse for the men to ignore their appearance.

Here is a helpful guide just for the men!

  1. Use lip balm

    Beauty Guide For The Metro-Sexual Male grooming tips for men lysa africa male lip balm
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Dry chapped lips are a personal pet peeve. We get it! You don’t want to be walking around with shiny lips or fighting with you girlfriend over lip-gloss but there is nothing attractive or manly at all about walking around with dry lips. Look for a great lip balm that contains beeswax and vitamin E to soothe chapped lips and keep them nourished and soft. Most cosmetic companies now have lip balms for men but if this is too much of a stretch for you then stick with good old Vaseline. Anything but dry lips will do.

  1. Take care of your skin

    Beauty Guide For The Metro-Sexual Male grooming tips for men lysa africa male skin care
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Just like the ladies, guys too need to find a skincare routine that works for them. Luckily for men you do not need as many products as your female counterparts. In fact, most skincare products for men are designed in such a way that one product can be used for multiple purposes. Most men inevitable reach out for soap to cleanse their face and this is a No! No! Most soaps are too harsh for the face and will strip oils and collagen from the dermal layer of your skin.

Invest in a good facial cleanser suitable for men’s skin and follow that up with a moisturizer. Cleansing and moisturizing is a step that should be done twice: In the morning and at night before you go to sleep.

Another important step to taking care of your skin guys is applying sunscreen. The sun doesn’t care whether you are male or female and yes! Black does crack if you do not take care of it.

  1. Smell good

    Beauty Guide For The Metro-Sexual Male grooming tips for men lysa africa cologne'male deodorant
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Make deodorant and cologne your friend gents! Unless you want to be tagged the smelly guy. Smelling good is the ultimate icing on the cake. I like to think a guy that smells good is to women what lingerie is to men. Use a woody cologne to broadcast a manly vibe. However, don’t overdo it, we don’t want to think you showered with it!

  1. Tweezers are your friend

    Beauty Guide For The Metro-Sexual Male grooming tips for men lysa africa tweezing
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Getting rid of unwanted hair should be an integral part to every man’s beauty routine. Hair sticking out of your ears, extra bushy eyebrows and nasal hair is not attractive! Unless you are going for the Sasquatch look. Tweezing to get rid of unwanted hair may be an uncomfortable experience but it’s not something that you will require to do. It can make a huge difference on your appearance and says a lot about your personal hygiene standards.

  1. Keep your teeth white and bright

    Beauty Guide For The Metro-Sexual Male grooming tips for men lysa africa white teeth
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One of the biggest beauty concerns for both ladies and gentlemen right after smooth clear skin is a gorgeous bright smile. Your smile is one of your most winning features. You can be well groomed but if you’ve got stained teeth and bad breath, this can really take away from your appearance in a major way.

I am not going to tell you that it is a cheap affair to get Simon Cowells pearly whites. However, here are some tips that you can use to achieve a brighter smile:

  • Brushing and flossing.
  • Using a fluoride mouth wash.
  • Visit the dentist at least twice a year for cleaning.

Other easy home remedies to try for brighter teeth include:

  • Oil Pulling: This is an age old Indian remedy used to enhance oral health. Oil pulling is done by taking a tablespoon of organic oil such as coconut oil and swishing it around your mouth for 10 minutes while pulling the oil through your teeth after which you spit out the oil and thoroughly rinse your mouth with water. Thereafter proceed to brush with toothpaste.
  • Baking soda and lemon: This is the most popular home remedy for teeth whitening. The chemical reaction of baking soda and the citrus acid in lemon juice has a smile-brightening effect.
  • Eating strawberries: There is evidence that eating lots of strawberries can help to brighten the teeth. This is because strawberries contain an enzyme called malic acid which is an astringent that helps to remove surface stains. They also contain vitamin C that helps to wash away plaque.

These are simple 5 habits of well-groomed men!

Beauty Guide For The Metro-Sexual Male grooming tips for men lysa africa
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  • Jeniffer Anyango

    I’m glad the ‘boy child’ is also covered… However the home remedies for brighter teeth is a must try for all,right?

    • It is our aim to cater for both genders. Yes, the home remedies for brighter teeth can be applied by males and females!

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  • Jojo Mpendwa

    Men should start taking better care of themselves. . .Nothing improves a man’s attractiveness like a man who takes good care of himself

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