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Geek Alert: Six Fashion Frames 2017

Just because I wear glasses doesn’t mean that I am not trendy! Geek is in, and celebrities are emulating the eyeglasses look with the clear sunnies look. If you are like me and you wear glasses, staying on trend in the fashion scene is simple by switching up your frames with these trending six fashion frames.

Metallic Action

Metallic frames are the quintessential vintage sheek. They are subtle yet make bold statements if you pick just the right shade.

Credit: Tumblr/authorbradjensen
Credit: Color Pop
Credit: WhereToGet

Coloured Daze

Rich shades of pink, red and purple are on trend! And these soft bold colours are just the right fit for the bold individual.

Credit: Babble
Credit: Luxberra
Credit: Tumblr/theshinysquirrel

Clear Vibes

Probably the most popular type of glasses this year, and the most versatile. Reason being is that they go with just about anything!

Credit: Pinterest/Aseye Agamah/Eyewear
Credit: Tumblr/winefinedarkchicks
Credit: Coastal


Nudes Only

We all love a good nude tone! Not only does it blend well with skin tones, but nude is like a blank canvas…they are open for creativity!

Credit: Pinterest/Ekky Basuki
Credit: Global Eyeglasses
Credit: Pinterest/Tuoyo Anderson

Black Affair

These frames are the definition of classic sophistication, and the most simple of the frames. They pair equally well with formal attire.

Credit: Tumblr/Veanad


Credit: Tumblr/A Gentleman’s Thoughts
Credit: Tumblr/Plai-N

Tortoise Shell

This toned fashion frame comes in so many shades that you will be spoilt for choice. So don’t hold back and get matchy!

Credit: Pinterest/Titaja Titaja
Credit: Warby Parker
Credit: The Style City


  • Laura

    I love the black affair and tortoise shell more

    • Lysa

      They are amazing!

  • andrew kamau

    Im clearly feeling the clear vibes trend😎i mean
    i do wear specs but the clear vibes one got me thinking
    plus the mandarin collar shirt🔥amazing stuff

    • Lysa

      The clear frames and the mandarin collar shirt bring out a sense of modern casual sophistication. You have a great eye!!!

  • Jeniffer

    If I am to recommend a friend on the type of frame it would be clear vibes and clear vibes…

    • Lysa

      Clear vibes all the way huh? Fantastic. You and Andrew Kamau have something in common.

  • Paula Josphat

    I am feeling the clear vibe…

  • wangari wairenge

    Here for the nudes

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