The Good American Fitness Line Is More Than Just Workout Clothes Lysa Magazine

The Good American Fitness Line Is More Than Just Workout Clothes

In the world of today everything is about trends; what’s cool and what’s happening on the social media streets. The world of reality television and social media has taken over our minds. Social media dictates how we speak, what music we listen to, what we wear, what we watch and how we view ourselves as individuals. Personally I think social media is a smoking mirror. Reason being is, folks only show you what they want you to see, and you never really know the whole story behind something or someone. I love my social media but let’s just say I am still a fan of old school face to face communication.

On a lighter note, people who portray healthy lifestyle trends can positively influence our personal lifestyle choices. There are a lot of celebrities and YouTube gurus who love to document their healthy life choices for the world to see. This can motivate you as a fan to start a fitness journey or adapt to eating better.

Khloe Kardashian is one of the celebrities whose fitness journey has inspired a lot of women and men.

The Good American Fitness Line Is More Than Just Workout Clothes Lysa Magazine

I have watched videos on YouTube where someone decides to challenge herself to try Khloe’s workout and meal plan for a whole month. They then share their outstanding results with their viewers. It came as no surprise when she ended up having her own show based on fitness and lifestyle change, “Revenge body with Khloe“. She even went further to write a book , “Strong looks better naked“. Here, she tells her story from what inspired her to start her journey and how it has helped her in life beyond getting in the best shape of her life.

Sometime in 2016 she launched a denim company Good American“. Its focus was on creating jeans ranging in all sizes that could accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. This was a very successful launch and the reviews were stellar! When she got pregnant last year, she designed a line of sexy maternity jeans. After giving birth to her beautiful daughter, her snap back work out routine gave her the inspiration to release a fitness clothing line under her company.

The Good American fitness line is all people are talking about.

The Good American Fitness Line Is More Than Just Workout Clothes Lysa Magazine

People are praising the line on how comfortable the clothes are and how size friendly they are. Moreover, they are so stunning that they can be worn not just to the gym but as part of a casual get up. What inspired me the most about this fitness campaign was the message delivered by Khloe and the models on her campaign.

When we think fitness, we think of body image and that can make some of us very self conscious. Some may think that going to the gym means that we are not in love with our bodies as they are. Take for example a plus size girl who preaches self acceptance and body love. If she decided to start working out and eating healthy, people automatically think she has low self-esteem teamed with her weight and that she feels that weight loss will solve her problems. But have we ever thought that maybe that could not be the case at all?

The Good American Fitness Line Is More Than Just Workout Clothes Lysa Magazine
Credit: The Roxy Reyes

Going to the gym can mean a variety of things for different women.

For Khloe it was a form of therapy. She was going through a rough patch in her previous marriage and found solace in working out. Shedding the pounds was just a bonus. Today, when she feels stressed she will head to the gym for a quick work out session and leave feeling relieved. For some like plus size models Roxy Reyes and Ashley Graham, going to the gym makes them feel strong and when they feel strong they feel extremely sexy. I have watched videos of these two work out and trust me they mean business when they beast out during their work outs. They do a lot of weight training which takes a certain level of body strength to perfect as a routine. Strong can be sexy and if the gym can do that for you then do it girl!

The Good American Fitness Line Is More Than Just Workout Clothes Lysa Magazine
Roxy Reyes

The Good American activewear campaign is telling us there’s so many ways you could benefit from the gym other than just weight loss. Working out can be beneficial when dealing with stress in life. It could help you sleep better and kick that insomnia that bothers most of us or maybe you need a break from your environment. I’ve heard mothers going to the gym for an hour to get a short break from their children. They enjoy being in a different ‘quiet’ environment and there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make you any less of a mother.

Getting active;

  • Improve your immunity.
  • Give you endorphins.
  • Improve your performance at work.
  • Give you extra confidence in life.
  • Improve your memory and brain power.

The gym can aid you as a girl boss.

The Good American Fitness Line Is More Than Just Workout Clothes Lysa Magazine

It can make you a happier person and make you a better version of the woman you always wanted to be. Along your fitness journey, so much can happen for you emotionally and mentally. The gym becomes a friend and not the enemy society has convinced you it is. It becomes a safe haven and that’s what we are learning from the Good American activewear line.

Celebrate and take care of yourself as a woman. Become a better woman physically, mentally and spiritually. Try dancing if the treadmill is not your cup of tea. If running is not for you, try jump rope and jumping jacks. Drink your water, like all day everyday! Eat healthy and still treat yourself every now and then. Being healthy is not a death sentence, your approach will determine the results. Treat yourself right and be part of the good squad. Start your wellness journey today, might as well do it wearing some Good American fits.

Check out our 5 minute home workout video here!

Media courtesy of Good American Instagram’s Page!

  • Nicole Achieng

    great article…..I’ve never been one to workout because my laziness exceeds my urge to do anything lol,… but i must admit reading this is making me rethink it all. i had no idea working out actually has additional benefits besides looking good especially for us women……i’m definitely inspired to start my own little fitness routine at home

  • Kimberly Kardicey

    I actually remember when Khloe was fat and everyone made fun of her. Look at her now!!! She definitely is gooooalss bodywise and career wise. She is on another level

  • Thee_lovechild

    I really love that people are working out more ,eating healthy ,getting banging bodies though I genuinely think that mental health should be top priority whats the point of having a great body with a frustrated mind ?

  • wangari wairenge

    Khloe is out her winning. . But I feel like her brand is quite expensive…But you can always save your coin for one or two things

  • GloWanjohi

    Working out is the best gift a woman can reward herself with. We all want to be physically fit. And it’s crazy how working out balances you physically, mentally and emotionally. Khloe is the GOAT when it comes to working out and I am just glad that we are having numerous working out outfits hence variety to pick from.

  • zoropiie6

    so encouraging

  • Sheryl Muteshi

    Been a Khloe fan for years now and she truly has changed… and to see her winning careerwise..bodywise…a big inspiration truly

  • Marion Leah Kemunto

    Personally i think Khloe is an inspiration..when people tried to put her down when she was young by calling her the fat sister..she took all the criticism positively and started working out and eating right and the fact that she decided to help out others who might have been going through the same by bringing them to her show and providing the best trainers to help them work that’s girl me her good american active wear shows oneness considering she enables women of all shapes and sizes to dress well and feel good

  • Great article. Inspiring as well. I must say I only thought that going to the gym was only to work out. Now I get it.

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