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It’s that fitness season that we all dread its arrival, but crave at the same time. I call it the perfect love-hate relationship. Love that heat, hate what it means for those of us who plan to lounge around in the great outdoors.

Hello swimsuits!

Here’s our chance to show more, tan more, and all out flaunt those bodies we’ve worked tirelessly trying to perfect.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

If most are like me, we’ve probably spent the last couple months sneaking in pizzas and take out, and procrastinating on that gym membership since the start of this year by telling ourselves that we have ‘enough time’ before the summer catches up to us.

Well, it’s here!  But fear not peeps, the temperatures may be high but the peak is still a couple of months away.

We still have enough time to achieve those newbie fitness goals. They may not be a hundred percent, but a close eighty is good enough. But before you go rushing into the first fitness workout, and quick-slim regime, do ensure you’ve got all your newbie bases covered with these simple steps.

    • Set Goals

for the fitness newbie
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Stop! Put down the pen and throw away that unrealistic goal you just set. Yes we all want to be a size 2 or look like Kim K, but unless you intend to starve yourself, or buy yourself a new body, you clearly don’t understand the definition of ‘cutting it’ close. Those unrealistic goals you just set make them your long-term goals. If you’re a newbie, what you need are realistic short-term goals. Realize the main areas you want to focus on, and set out achievable goals based on your time frame.

    • Make A Plan

for the fitness newbie
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Create a schedule for your fitness plan, and a plan for your dietary needs. Keep in mind that different diet plans work differently for everyone. Do your research before settling for anything simply because it worked for someone else.

for the fitness newbie
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Let home workouts become your new BFF! Gone are the days of having to join a gym to achieve fitness goals. If the gym is not for you, that is not your excuse to slack. Finding home workouts has become as easy as 1, 2, 3, on social media sites, and YouTube. Get following people and do the workout!

    • Get Motivated


for the fitness newbie
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Starting a workout is the easiest part. Maintaining it is the hardest part. Let’s be honest, it starts with one day off, then another, and before long you’ve subbed out the greens for fries. So before you quit, remind yourself why you started in the first place. Let it become your daily mantra. Remember, fitness was never instantaneous, but the results slay!

    • Get Started

for the fitness newbie
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Goals set.

Plan set.

Motivation loaded 100%

Now get started!

Be sure to check out this short 5 minute workout to get you started out.

  • Georgina Giathi

    Lovely piece, however, I feel that the real challenge is not to start but to be consistent enough. However, if one is motivated enough to work out, consistency should not be much of a challenge.

  • Mandy Gloria

    Great piece👍

  • Paula Josphat

    I needed this..I need to get back to the gym and not quit!This is an awesome reminder

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