Fenty Beauty's New Mattemoiselle Lipsticks

Fenty Beauty Joins The Matte Lipstick Game

It’s safe to say Fenty Beauty is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you thought Rihanna’s makeup line couldn’t get any better, she manages to surprise us yet again. After weeks of hinting at a possible new lipstick collection launch, Christmas comes early for makeup lovers as the Singer and Beauty mogul finally released the details about the Mattemoiselle lipstick collection that will be available for purchase from the 26th of December on both Sephora and Fenty Beauty Website.

Fenty Beauty's New Mattemoiselle Lipsticks
Credit: Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty's New Mattemoiselle Lipsticks
Credit: The Debrief

The Mattemoiselle Collection

The Mattemoiselle collection includes 14 lipstick shades meant to work on any and all skin tones. “I wanted a lipstick collection where every shade works on every skin tone,” Rihanna said via a press release. “I wanted to prove that lipstick is meant to be fun, not feared.”

The 14 lipstick shades include classic colors such as reds and nudes as well as bolder colors such as blue, green, orange and lilac. My favorite part of this collection has to be the creativity behind the naming of the different shades. Just to mention a few, there is;

  • Clap back – A navy blue shade
  • Midnight Wasabi – A forest green
  • PMS – A moody, deep-brown shade – I am personally planning to get my hands on this one. It’s about time someone turned PMS into something beautiful!

To find out what different lipstick colors mean, be sure to read ‘Read My Lips

The collection seems to basically include every color in the crayon box so you are bound to find a shade that you will absolutely fall in love with; I must say all 14 shades are absolutely gorgeous.

Fenty Beauty's New Mattemoiselle Lipsticks
Credit: Beauty almanac

Since the launch of Fenty beauty foundation that caused quite a stir due to the versatility in their shade range, this brand has proven that it is not your typical beauty brand and is gaining widespread praise for its inclusive approach to makeup. The lipsticks will retail for $18- roughly KES 1,800 and if they are anything like the foundations, then I am pretty sure they are going to sell out first so get your wallets ready ladies.


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