Style Profile | Olarslim West African Fashion Blogger Entrepreneur

Style Profile | Olarslim

When it comes to fashion, black and white are the ultimate colors. They are a mix of luxury, simplicity, slimming tones and easy to style. Most fashion forward women will tell you they will stop wearing black when they make a darker shade. When it comes to white, one needs chic, staple pieces that are worth the dry cleaning bill. However, it’s more than okay to step out of your comfort zone and add a touch of color to your get up.

In some parts of the world it’s summer time and that means your social media feed is flooded with a burst of color, body goals and glowing skin all through.

Olarslim is all that and so much more.

Style Profile | Olarslim West African Fashion Blogger Entrepreneur

Her social media feed is a whole mood and more like a feeling of joy that comes from fashion well served. Not only is she a stylish female, but she also happens to be a boss in the world of fashion. The West African beauty is a fashion blogger, fashion enthusiast and an owner of a growing fashion business. Her business is to source everything she wears for interested buyers and makes a profit.

Olarslim is a chocolate skin girl, built like a model with a mesmerizing smile to match. She doesn’t shy away from color or experimenting with different styles. Her personal style is lady-like, fun, sophisticated with the occasional touch of edgy. She has a love for designer labels and is a true example that Africa is definitely capable of luxury appreciation. Her closet is a girl’s dream; her bag and shoe collection will leave you green with envy. I guess it helps that her business is fashion based. It gives her a chance to get the best things out there for her personal collection.

It’s always refreshing to see African girl bosses that slay just as hard as they hustle.

She is always encouraging her Instagram followers to work ten times harder for what they really want out of life. In addition, she shares her ups and down as a business owner. Bringing a little something extra to the table, after all fashion and money go hand in hand. They say you need to work harder so you can shop harder. That is if shopping is your cardio.

Here is a quick look at her electric sense of style to give you some cheer and some summer inspiration…


Style Profile | Olarslim West African Fashion Blogger Entrepreneur

Style Profile | Olarslim West African Fashion Blogger Entrepreneur


Her style says a lot about her. We can already tell Olarslim has a fun and bubbly personality that balances out her firm business savvy side. Finding the ultimate balance plays a huge role when it comes to creating a personal style that works for you and the lifestyle you create for yourself. Olarslim has her style in check and we are here for her effortless slay.

Style Profile | Olarslim West African Fashion Blogger Entrepreneur

Media courtesy of Olarlim’s Instagram page

  • Modestar Kimani

    I am literally one of those people who will stop wearing black when another darker colour is discovered!!!! The sophistication of a black dress is out of this world

  • Paula Josphat

    Her stlye is so sophisticated.I will follow her for those fashion business insights

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