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New Kid On The Block | Saucy Flair

The hunt for fresh talent in our local fashion industry is currently one of my key missions in 2018. About a week ago I sat front row at a new comer’s fashion show and what I saw was not bad at all. The event was intimate and quite social. Her designs though few were quite good. It was an assortment of day-to-day pieces filled with Summer/Spring colors. Her collection was size friendly and tailored to fit a young woman’s personal style. She served something sexy, simple with some extra sauce on top.

Kenyan born 24-year-old Tiffany Kendi Kirimi is the new kid on the block. She is a medicine student, a fashion blogger and most recently a fashion designer. For the past two and a half years, Tiffany has been running her blog Saucy Flair and has just launched her clothing line in May of 2018.

She showcased two separate collections at her first fashion show and I personally feel that with more exposure and experience in the business, she might just be one to watch.

I picked her brain to find out who she was as a designer and what went into creating “Saucy Flair”…


Who is Tiffany?

New Kid On The Block | Kenyan Fashion Blogger And Designer Saucy Flair Lysa Africa Magazine Tiffany Kendi Kirimi

I am a very daring and outgoing person who loves challenges. What best describes me is a fusion between the world of medicine and fashion. I dislike being told “You can’t”. I’m not afraid to fall, pick myself up and learn from my mistakes. After all, what are your 20’s for?

Give us a back story of where your love for fashion all begun.

My love for fashion begun after I cleared high school. Being out of school uniform and the need to have an assortment of looks at a budget of course, bore my love for shopping and combining different pieces together.

What inspired your first collection?

My first collection was about standing out in pieces that can be worn day-to-day. For example I love wrap dresses but I wanted to create one that pops! Combine unique colors, some cut outs and voila! It’s not just a basic piece, it makes a statement. My pieces are classic everyday wear with an edge or some ‘sauce’ if you’d like…some saucy flair!

Who are some of the designers you look up to, both locally and internationally?

Locally, I love Akinyi Odongo. Why? We share the same sentiments about creating pieces that are exclusive. My vision is to create just a few duplicates of my pieces and then create more and more.

Internationally, Elie Saab! I love the pieces because of how much class and detail is displayed in every piece. I aspire to dress a few celebrities for a red carpet one day.

What do your clothes say about you as a woman?

I stand out, I feel good, and I am comfortable in my own skin.

How would you describe your personal style?

I love to stand out in whatever I am wearing. Being a tiny person, Lord knows how many times I’ve been confused for a sixteen year old, sigh! Therefore, I go for elegance to get some sense of maturity, with a touch of sexy in the sense that I love to show some skin

New Kid On The Block | Kenyan Fashion Blogger And Designer Saucy Flair Lysa Africa Magazine Tiffany Kendi Kirimi

What are your thoughts on our local fashion industry/community?

I think the industry is developing at an amazing rate in the sense that more and more people are embracing their personal style. However, we lack a sense of support and mentor-ship. I would also like to see more schools for design and job creation in the Fashion Industry.

Given the fact that you are new to the industry and you just held your first fashion show, what were you expectations on how your work would be received and what was the feedback from the people?

To be honest, I was confident in my ideas and seeing the outfits come alive gave me all the satisfaction that my hard work would be received well. The feedback and response blew me away! My biggest lesson from my first show was to be extremely confident in my work and like-minded people would support me fully. I always try not to get caught up with the challenges instead of focusing on my goal, which was to pull off an incredible show, showcase my work and bring people together.

What can we expect from Saucy Flair in 2018 and the years to come?

Expect more pieces and I will soon be venturing into men’s wear. I also would like to do more shows as I create more pieces. Last but not least, more blog posts of course.

What inspires you as an artist and a creative?

My inspiration comes from within. I look to social media mainly Instagram and Pinterest, but at the end of the day I put out work that I personally love. With each piece or content that I create I ask myself, would I wear this or would I read this post? From a detached point of view, if the answer is yes, that is what I put out.

New Kid On The Block | Kenyan Fashion Blogger And Designer Saucy Flair Lysa Africa Magazine Tiffany Kendi Kirimi

Media courtesy of Saucy Flair.

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