Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja - Lysa Magazine

Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja

In this day and age, it’s one thing appreciating and getting inspired with the different ways people are bringing out their creativity and learning a thing from them. However, it’s another thing connecting with them on a deeper level about the everyday life. Life that consists of your thoughts, actions, experiences, people around you, principles, your mindset, opportunities, approaches etc.

I find it exhilarating when you find a man whom not only dresses well but you connect with him on his worldview and perspective on different matters. When you find a man like Steven Onoja.

Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja - Lysa Magazine clean and well cut suit


Steven Onoja is a creative visual storyteller with a sense of style, photography and creative styling. Born and raised in Nigeria in 1989 and currently residing in New York City, Steven is inspiring us one post at a time.

Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja - Lysa Magazine

Not only does this fashionable gentleman love to connect with creative individuals, he also opens up our minds to look at things in a positive, productive perspective.

From personal experience, running a business requires a lot of planning, devising strategies and acting on them. You know what they say; ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’. And you know what, sometimes you can have a bullet proof plan yet things don’t go how you thought they would. Then Steven posts and captions his image, “Things will not always go as planned, but as long as you plan and attempt and adjust when it doesn’t, you will always be fine”. That’s exactly what we do, adjust and acknowledge the fact that we did plan. Moving forward, learn from where the plan went wrong.

Two cents from Steven Onoja

To want something and to be ready for something are two different things. Some of us are not ready mentally to handle the things that we’re desiring. We want a house but can’t save our money, always foolishly spending on immediate gratifications, we want a mate but not ready to sacrifice or deal with our issues so we can be a great mate to somebody else. We want our own business but we’re lazy with little work ethic and want everything handed to us! Get my drift? Sometimes there are some things we have to do on our end first in order to be able to handle that thing that we desire! I pray we all be ready and have capacity and wisdom to handle it the right way!

Take a minute and reflect on that.

[one minute later]

Okay, on to his style;

Steven’s style is effortless and is influenced by the urban perspective.

Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja - Lysa Magazine

His biggest sources of inspiration are art, culture and his family. According to his bio, “He has a great appreciation of all aspects of design. His passion, experiences, ideas, and perspectives are shared through his brand. He hopes to uplift others and contribute to culture as a whole. To better not only ourselves, but the lives and efforts of those around us.  Everyone has their own unique style and personal touch to share with the world.”

Steven’s style gives me a feel of a dapper cultured man, you know? It’s such an interesting combination and he loves to incorporate accessories that add detail such as hats, watches, a man bag and doesn’t he just look effortlessly good. Might as well learn a thing or two from him. These tips don’t only apply to the guys, ladies we can join the bandwagon too.

Style Tips from Steven Onoja

  • A lot of people like to ask how I style myself. The truth is, I don’t really do anything to it. I use what I have. The key is: KeepIt. Clean. And. Experimental.

Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja - Lysa Magazine

  • I’m very particular with each and every piece in my wardrobe.

Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja - Lysa Magazine

  • The best things in life are in the details.
  • Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s important to remember that sartorialism (An interest in matters relating to the tailoring of clothing) is about quality, fit and details rather than price.

Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja - Lysa Magazine

  • With ready-to-wear, your vision of beauty relates to the time you are living in. Style can involve a deep and more intimate perspective – like outwardly presenting your own vision of who you are. My feel is easy and elegant at the same time.
  • Sometimes, life creates its own moment within hat making.

Menswear Tips We’re Learning From Steven Onoja - Lysa Magazine

  • Sometimes, fashion is about the model and other times it’s just purely about the quality of the outfit and the fit.
  • I believe a man should have a comfortable bag to run errands with, one that is not too showy, but visually appealing.

Media courtesy of Steven Onoja’s Instagram

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