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Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes

Inclusion and diversity has been great all through 2018; from runways, to designer collections, to Hollywood, to the beauty industry. Everyone is embracing it and this is amazing. Trends come and go each and every season in the world of fashion. Some are classics like the white t-shirt, and some feel like clichés after a wear or two. What makes a trend stand out is its ability to stand the test of time. Today, we celebrate a trend that accommodates us all. When a trend or fashion item comes in one design that fits all, it is absolute magic.

In 2018, we’ve had introduction of new trends and a repeat of past trends that have been heavily appreciated by fashionistas. I came up with a list of styles that will probably never come to an end. But moreover, they look flattering on all sizes and should be seen on a daily basis.

Here are fashion items that flatter all sizes;

Mom jeans with unfinished ankles

Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes - Lysa Magazine
Credit: Harper And Harley

These are not your regular pair of denim. These ones synch your waist in and hug your hips enough to give you the right amount of comfort without bringing out too much curve. The mom jean has been a favorite since 2015. Honestly this 90’s classic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It looks amazing on all body types, all age groups and can easily be dressed up or down. During fashion week, street style took this trend to a whole new level.

The unfinished bottom gives you a chance to show off your ankles and that pair of amazing shoes you have on. These jeans will look amazing with an oversized blazer, a plain white t-shirt or a mini dress to be a little extra. Check out dresses over jeans here for some style inspiration!

Pink Pant Suit

Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes - Lysa Magazine
Credit: A Muse Vision
Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes - Lysa Magazine
Credit: Rochelle Johnson

The pant suit is such a girl boss look that replaced the skirt suit and changed the face of office style as we knew it. Hillary Clinton was such an inspiration with her pant suit preferences. Now, fashion has found a way to make this serious attire a bit more fun just enough to fit anyone’s personal style.

Colorful pant suits have been a thing in 2018 but nothing beats the pink power suit. Zara and YSL came out with the perfect pink pant suit that can be seen across social media on every fashion influencers page. Some style it head to toe and others pair the blazer with denim or the pants with lingerie or plain white t-shirts.

This pant suit if tailored to perfection is definitely one of the fashion items that flatter all sizes. It is flattering and powerful, with the right amount of sexy and stylish.

Wide leg pants

Is there anyone who doesn’t own a pair of the perfect wide leg pants? I doubt it. This style has been appreciated by women all over the world. The way it makes your body look, how comfortable they feel, how chic they look… I mean what’s not to obsess over when it comes to wide leg pants. These are the ‘formal sweat pants’, that’s what I like to call them. Sweat pants are loose fitting, comfortable and trendy and this is the exact description of a pair of wide leg pants. My advice – get them in every color if possible. Trust me; this is one of the must-have fashion items that flatter all sizes.

You can pair it with a crisp white shirt and make it a look for the office with some pointy pumps. On the other hand, pair it with a tank top and a pair of sneakers for a casual fit. We all need a pair of these pants. More on wide leg pants, click here!

Oversize blazer

This can go from being a coat to becoming a dress, it all depends on how over-size you want it to be.

Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes - Lysa Magazine
Credit: Nadia Aboulhosn

This is such a retro chic statement look that says you are over the top yet in an understated manner. These blazers look good with a pair of denim, a pair of biker shorts, a body con skirt or even as a blazer dress. I would recommend getting a thrifted over-size blazer. The more vintage the blazer looks, the cooler you will look, trust me on this.

Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes - Lysa Magazine
Credit: Nicole Williams-English

Cargo pants

Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes - Lysa Magazine
Credit: Jordyn Woods

Yes these pants are back! These pants are flattering, casual and super trendy at the moment. Get a t-shirt, a body suit or a simple tank to go with your cargo fit. A pair of sneakers, boots or PVC heels would be the perfect shoe of choice. Brands like Fashion Nova have come up with cargo pants for all shapes and sizes and they are beyond flattering and very stylish at the moment.

Prints and more print please!

Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes - Lysa Magazine
Credit: Nadia Aboulhosn
Fashion Items That Flatter All Sizes - Lysa Magazine
Credit: Charlotte Emily Sanders

Prints are fun and forever a classic trend. This year plaid, polka dots, animal print and stripes have been going head to head. Plaid blazers and coats are a favorite style pick, snake skin or alligator skin on boots, bags, pants and dresses are very popular right now. Meanwhile, polka dots and stripes are always a smart choice no matter the season or occasion.

Prints if done right look flattering on all body types. If the clothing doesn’t suit you, try a shoe or a bag and have these fashion items that flatter all sizes.

You could have at least one piece from each trend or simply pick one that suits your personal style. These styles are not coming to an end anytime soon and we are here for them! When fashion finds ways to include us all, it is up to us to indulge in them as much as we possibly can. I hope I just helped you add a few items to your shopping list or figure out how to style some of the pieces you already own.

Enjoy fashion for it is meant to bring you joy!


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