Inspired By Africa Yet Proudly Kenyan | Lakira Jewellery - Lysa Magazine

Inspired By Africa Yet Proudly Kenyan | Lakira Jewellery

Local brands are on the rise and so is our appreciation for their talent and incredible work. Jewellery says a lot about a woman. In fact there is a song that implies diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The accessories you pick to complement your style speak up when you step into a room. It tells those around you a fraction of exactly who you are and what you are all about.

Deciding on a particular style of jewellery is equally as important as deciding on what will become your personal or signature style in fashion. The beauty of jewellery is how precious they are to us and the effect they have on an outfit. A simple black dress can be transformed completely if paired with the right kind of accessories.

African women are known to be bold and proud and this is evident when it comes to their way of dressing. Our fabrics have elaborate print and loud color palettes, our head pieces are larger than life and this can only mean that our accessories need to fall in formation and equally stand out.

Lakira Jewellery is a locally based brand.

Inspired By Africa Yet Proudly Kenyan | Lakira Jewellery - Lysa Magazine

It carries a range of hand-made, beaded pieces inspired by our beautiful continent. The brand is still fairly new but has managed to capture the attention of some fabulous women in Kenya. Their pieces are authentically African, designed with beads, brass, and precious stones among other materials. Lakira jewellery has collections that feature a variety of bold, colorful pieces that heavily embrace the personality of an African woman proud of her heritage.

These pieces though glamorous as such, can be styled up or down. It depends on the amount of pieces you have on, the color selection you opt for and the occasion you are dressing for. They give a vibe that would be suitable for a woman of a certain age. However, they have a few items that are youthful and would suit the style of a young woman in her 20’s. We are currently living in a day where embracing your roots is a huge part of trends in fashion. We have natural hair as a huge part of today’s beauty industry. Moreover, the love for African prints and fabric is beyond this world.

So adding some African jewellery to your collection will be the perfect way to complete your all African look.

The Lakira woman is confident, sexy with a certain edge to her, fabulous and over the top without a care of who is watching. Their jewellery speaks volumes and makes styling an outfit quite easy and to the point.

The collection carries a selection of bracelets, bangles, head pieces, earrings, necklaces and rings. They have been hand crafted locally with impeccable attention to detail.

Inspired By Africa Yet Proudly Kenyan | Lakira Jewellery - Lysa Magazine  Inspired By Africa Yet Proudly Kenyan | Lakira Jewellery - Lysa Magazine

They have a physical location as well as an online presence. Get yourself something special from Lakira jewellery. Better yet, add them onto your go to places this year as you shop for Christmas gifts for those special women in your life. It is never too early to window shop and it is always good to support local brands.

Media courtesy of Lakira Jewellery Instagram.

  • Wow. I didn’t know about this brand. From the pictures I have seen…I think I can rock those.

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