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Meet Nigerian Fashion Illustrator | Adesola Lasisi

Fashion Illustration is an artistic visual communication of fashion designs and ideas through drawings or paintings. 27 year-old, Adesola Lasisi, is a Fashion illustrator from the South Western part of Nigeria, Ibadan to be precise.

The artist started illustration in 2013, “I graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Fine and Applied arts and I was doing my Masters in International and Contemporary art in Malaysia. I had just turned 23 when I came across an Instagram page @hnicholsillustration. Harvey Nichols is an American based fashion illustrator. I loved her work and I was like ‘I could do this. My background is art anyway’, so it was like a match made in heaven.

Secretly Adesola always had a secret passion for fashion but she did not see herself going into fashion designing. She didn’t even know what fashion illustration was at the time until she came across Harvey Nichols’ page, “It was like I hit the jackpot. I could combine my love for fashion and my art background, and there was no going back.”

And she never went back. Adesola has come up with hundreds of illustrations over the years be it fashion, celebrity, bridal, card and book cover illustrations. She even has a fashion figure template e book that has a compilation of different poses already drawn for you and all one has to do is dress them. This is handy for designers and stylists. To purchase it click here.


“I like to think of my fashion illustrations as my alter egos, like I said, I love fashion, but I’m a hopeless introvert and an extremely shy person, so it’s very hard for me to express myself publicly through fashion. I barely even wear make-up – only on special occasions. So I make my girls (illustrations) like an extended version of me; if I can’t wear them (flashy clothes, make-up) in real life, I can draw them.”

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Credit: Adesola Lasisi

Adesola has had a good supportive system on her journey as an illustrator. Her entire family is very supportive, and though she doesn’t have a lot of friends the little she has are very supportive.

One question most people ask…

One can’t help but wonder how an illustrator makes money. Adesola tells us that, “Fashion illustration is a very versatile job, I mean I have worked for a card company, a bag company and a  bakery. In addition, I also did some illustrations for a poet, I have done book covers, and logos…the list is endless. As long as you know what you are doing, you would make money. For now, I make money through commissions, but I also intend on selling prints of my works very soon.”

What piece of advice does Adesola have for upcoming and existing illustrators out there, “Just one thing, and I always say this ‘Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game’. Just do your thing, be you and watch yourself grow.”

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Credit: Adesola Lasisi


  • Georgina Giathi

    This is definitely a nice read! One can make money from anything as long as they set their mind and heart to it! @Adesola Keep it up! You are already setting bars!

  • Jeniffer Anyango

    ‘Be you and watch yourself grow’ a very nice piece of advice from Adesola

    • Some times it’s good to take a seat back and watch how over time the dots have been getting connected

  • LRT974

    Email of Adelosa Lasisi ?

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