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Bobo Matjila | Our Favorite African Philosopher

Bobo Matjila, is a South African, New York based fashion enthusiast. She is a photographer, content creator, brand influencer, style blogger and host on Afrolit podcast. In an interview with Ayiba Magazine, she uses brands, ideas and products to promote self-love and affirming attitudes towards body image and wellness across her socials. Her Instagram page is where we came across this creative lady. Our first impression was ‘ What a remarkable way to celebrate Afrocentrism through color and nature’. There is more to her than just that. Reading through her captions, watching her YouTube videos and listening to her podcasts, there are a lot of reasons why Bobo Matjila is our favorite African philosopher.

Here’s a snippet, just a snippet of why she is our favorite African philosopher.

  • Bobo Matjila loves color and the art of being Afrocentric.

Put that together and you get magic. She creates her own sets and shoots her own images and the final result is cultured, distinct and full of aesthetics.

She is truly an artist that has respect for herself and knows the worth of her skills.

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THIS IS WHAT I’VE LEARNT ABOUT BEING AN ARTIST: YOU HAVE TO BE SELF-SERVING • • As an artist, I’ve wasted a lotta time worrying about what people will think about my work. trying to be palatable. Not too controversial. Tryna keep up with social media algorithms 🙄 (btw: you’ll never keep up. They’re designed to keep you anxious) • But you have to be self-serving and self-indulgent. You have to create for YOU and not give a f*ck who likes it. The minute you try to edit yourself for views, likes or other people’s comfortability, you’re no longer creating art. You’re creating a product. • • Remember to put yourself first in your creative process. Before you start worrying about if anyone will like your shit, ask yourself: do YOU like ur shit though? ✨ 📸// Shot, Styled + Directed by Me for your viewing pleasure (but mostly mine though)😘

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  • Bobo Matjila preaches self-love and growth.

While watching her YouTube videos, you experience some eye-opening moments that have a positive impact on you. She says, ” The only way to achieve your dream body is to love the body you already have…obviously I’m not 100% there because the shit takes time. It is not your job to be anyone’s eye candy. Your only job on this planet is to be the highest expression of yourself in whatever form that looks like and to be that, you will never have to edit or change yourself for anyone’s comfort-ability.”

Take a pause and reflect on that. Internalize it. Most times we are always trying to fit in to the facade that the media and society has put out there as to what the ‘perfect body’ is. There is no perfect body and you were not created to look like someone else. You were created to look a certain way that makes you unique and distinct, it makes you special. Fall in love with yourself and your body.

“In order to grow and self-actualize into the person you’re meant to become, you have to let go of the things that don’t serve you. The most important thing you can do is to live with intention. That’s a fancy way of saying; really have a reason and a strong why for doing the things that you want to do.”

Let’s take a breather and talk about her astronomical captions.

You are bound to laugh or at least smile.

  • Bobo Matjila keeps it real about social media

Here are a few pointers that we got in regards to your followers that we would love to share with you.

– It is crucially important to focus on building a quality audience and not just a big audience. DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS. It’s so much more important, especially if you’re selling a product to have an audience that’s engaged instead of having a big audience. Everyone can tell if your followers are fake. If you have 100,000 followers and 500 likes per page… (Fill in the blanks).

– If you are feeling stagnant in your following or in your brand, I would shift my thinking from how can I build a bigger following to how can I be of service to the people who are following me or to the potential people who will follow me. How can I add value to someone else’s life?

– People are not interested in following people that they cannot relate to. WOULD YOU FOLLOW YOU? Like if you were an alien from outer space and you happen to come across your Instagram page, YouTube channel, Twitter… would you follow you or would you be bored?

See the way I see it, she’s making a lot of sense in what she says and she definitely applies it in her craft. Her words of advice are something that as we think about, you see the truth in it. It is something we can relate to and better yet apply it in our lives and businesses.

You want to know what Bobo Matjila is currently interested in?

Our favorite African philosopher says, “I am interested in going into the lives of people who are doing really cool shit and learning about how they do it and why they do it!” Truly appreciating how people choose to ‘Define Yourself‘. #lysadefineyourself

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WEEK 2 OF LIVING WITH INTENTION: I’m no longer following my passion. Passion is finite. A lofty destination in the distant future. And when you’re a confused 20-something year old. Passion feels so inaccessible ☄️ • • I’m a lot more interested in following my curiosity. Curiosity has no agenda, attachment to outcomes or arbitrary measurements of success. It just is. Passion is a destination, but curiosity is right here, in the everyday. 🌿 • It’s also so much more gentle. Passion is a fiery feeling but curiosity is a gentle whisper, that unfolds over time and leads you down a rabbit hole (but like a fun rabbit hole lol)🌸 • • How would your days change if you started following your curiosity TODAY? Try it … and that curiosity will inevitably lead you to your passion ⭐️🌈 📸: Captured by @kevaind

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Media courtesy of Bobo Matjila’s Instagram and YouTube channel.

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