Biker Shorts Taking Over Street Wear Lysa Magazine

Biker Shorts Taking Over Street Wear

Street wear has definitely evolved over the years! We have gone from opting for timeless pieces to going for a look that gives you a chance to experiment a bit more with your personal style. Remember when sweat pants and heels was a thing?

Well now biker shorts are not just for the gym.

They are appropriate day to-night wear. In all honesty Kim Kardashian, who also happens to be the ultimate street wear muse these days, has made this trend beyond normal. She can be seen styling her biker shorts to the gym, to dinner with her hubby and to fashion events.

Biker Shorts Taking Over Street Wear Lysa Magazine
Credit: Kim Kardashian

All over social media there seems to be a similarity in terms of how different girls choose to style their shorts. However, a few stylish females love to add their own personal touch to the trend.

This is an edgy look that gives you a chance to show off that mid rib, those toned legs and the shorts have a way of accentuating your curves in a flattering manner.

Summer or fall, I think these shorts can be suitably styled in a way that keeps you season appropriate. Some have even found a way to style them both up and down.

Here are a few tips on how you can make biker shorts for your style.

Pair your shorts with an over-size blazer and a pair of simple sandals or sneakers.

Biker Shorts Taking Over Street Wear Lysa Magazine
Credit: Mrs Rodial
Biker Shorts Taking Over Street Wear Lysa Magazine
Credit: Accessonline

This mode of styling will transition from a day to a night look quite effortlessly.

Pair your shorts with a pair of dad sneakers or simple sneakers for that sporty yet trendy look!

Make it sexy and show some mid rib or even style it up in a much more dressy sense.

Biker Shorts Taking Over Street Wear Lysa Magazine
Credit: World Of Jsky

Kim found a way to make it more edgy by adding a studded biker jacket and velvet choker to the mix. Like I said, she is a muse to all and a brilliant style influencer.

Biker Shorts Taking Over Street Wear Lysa Magazine
Credit: Style Caster

You could opt for biker shorts that give you more of the lingerie vibe as opposed to the sporty vibe. Inner wear has become appropriate outer wear since the return of the slip dress so slay honey!

We are living in an era where comfort meets fashion and we couldn’t be happier. Fashionistas are seeking outfits that keep them on trend, comfortable and still top of the best dressed list. This doesn’t have to be your everyday look but it could be the perfect chill look. You know, for those days you want to look chic without doing too much. This is for the girls that want to make people ask “how does she look so comfortable yet so saucy?” Get into it and get creative while you’re at it.

Featured image courtesy of Sosorella


  • Michaels Angana Laura

    This is cool on others but am scared to try hehe

  • wangari wairenge

    I feel like the wave hasn’t hit Kenya well so yiu can easily be mistaken to wearing bikers

  • GloWanjohi

    I got biker shorts last month and everyone was against me wearing them saying I look crazy. I am literally going to share this link with every damn person who said something negative about biker shorts to show them how cool they are

  • Nicole Achieng

    love this!…i must confess i am in love with this new trend. i just wish i had the thighs for it. Maybe I’ll hit the gym and gain some muscle on my lower body before i can confidently rock this look but i think Kenyans need to embrace this new trend because it’s simply beautiful.

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