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Bring 2018 In Style | Step Into The New Year Looking And Feeling Your Best

The festive season goes on beyond Christmas day. We push through all the way to the first day of the New Year. A New Year means new beginnings.  Feel free to switch up a few things like your sense of style.  What better way than to dress the part for the New Year’s celebrations. Step into the New Year looking and feeling your best.

During the holidays, what we wear is simply dictated by the activities we plan to participate in. Most of the time, Christmas is filled with family festivities. The New Year is always quite different. You might find yourself at a party, a club or dinner with friends. Drinks will be flowing, the mood will be filled with excitement and there is promise of fireworks at the end of the night.

Looking appropriate for the night is key

Velvet, sequins, shear and fur should be on the top of your fabrics list. Something sparkly will always be a great choice.

New Year style
Credit: Khloe Kardashian

Black is a color for all occasions and one can ever go wrong with an all black ensemble. Red, gold, green, white, blue, the more bold the color is, the more it should appear on your list of choices.

Dresses, pant suits, jumpsuits all sound festive appropriate. Spice up a simple black dress by draping a faux fur collar or shawl over it.  Pull out the metallic, aim for a 70’s disco globe look. It sounds like a bit much but you can tone it down. Go for a mix between silver and white or gold and blush. Being casual will not cut it over the New Year’s.

New Year style
Credit: Bloglovin

The time for sparkly statement shoes is now. You might end up dancing the night away, so investing in a comfortable pair of shoes is a must. Flats or heels, your shoes should steal the show. A shoe is more of an accessory and therefore the right shoe can transform a look from basic to glamorous.

New Year style
Credit: Ralph Russo

This is day one of the New Year. This will set the pace for how your entire year looks like in a style sense to speak. Looking your best should be on your list of goals to achieve. Looking good translates to feeling good and may the New Year be filled with positive energy across the board.

Here’s Micah Gianneli with a wide array of New Year Style Looks

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All images courtesy of Micah Gianneli

  • Georgina Giathi

    This particular post has been eye-opening. Although New Years has passed, the content here is timelessly applicable.

    • Glad you love it! Looking good translates to feeling good!!!

  • Nadiah Naturale

    I follow micah gianelli on Instagram and she plays a big role in fashion! not suprised she made it here.😃
    i have grasped lots of ideas from this article

    • Micah Gianelli’s style is out of this world, absolutely amazing. Stay tuned for a feature on her. Would you like that?

      Glad you grasped a lot from the article.

      • Nadiah Naturale

        I would enjoy that🙂

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