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Two Is Better Than One | The Duo Desk

Everything good comes in two; a pair of shoes, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, a pair of diamond earrings, a pair of Gucci sunglasses…the list goes on and on. So when two powerful bloggers in the world of African fashion come together to work with brands and create amazing content, we have to applaud, recognize and highlight!

The Duo Desk is made up of two South African fashion bloggers and creatives.  Crystal Kasper and Simply Palesa describe themselves as “A Vigorously Artistic Style”.  These two beauties from down south know exactly what is takes to be and to stay relevant in the fashion community and they have done so effortlessly. The two each have their own personal blogs, New Hipster and Simply Palesa’s-Edit, and their individual content is out of this world.

Together they are a force to reckon with and their sense of fashion though different, complements with such perfection.

Credit: The Duo Desk/ Instagram

They grace high fashion events together, create content for various brands together and occasionally travel the world together.

Their Social media feeds are fashion at its best and their followers march to the beat of their stylish drum. They are consistent with their content which is key when aiming to become a successful blogger in any given field.

They are both into vibrant colours and well-structured designs; they pair their high fashion items with their more affordable items. They appreciate minimal makeup with bold lip colours and they love to have fun as they switch it up from a variety of wigs to their natural hair from time to time.  They are not afraid of wild prints and floral detail, if anything all their looks are statement from head to toe. One can borrow so many styling ideas from these two.

Their creativity is obvious when it comes to how they style their looks, how they strike poses and how they deliver their content. I personally think local bloggers can take a lot from their page especially when it comes to individuality and authenticity. It feels good to see fresh and unique content!!

Crystal Kasper

Crystal Kasper/ Instagram

Simply Palesa

Simply Palesa/ Instagram

Follow these stylish beauties and get a dose of fashion, beauty and digital entrepreneurship. Remember fashion is the most powerful form of art. It is a movement, architecture and design all in one. Fashion is a way for us to say who we are and who we can become.


  • Georgina Giathi

    The rawness of their style and how they collage together is the main thing I like about the fashion bloggers pace setters. love! love! love!

    • Exactly. Individually, it’s powerful. Together, it is – A Vigorously Artistic Style

  • Kimberly Kardicey

    Having someone to gather you, the pieces that you are and give them back to you in the right order is impeccable. Crystal and Palesa are the best in the game right now😭❤ Came in and lit fires underneath all our asses. I’ve been SUCH a fan from long ago. Fucking obsessed🔥❤

    • Oooh, love the way you put it! – Having someone to gather you, the pieces that you are and give them back to you in the right order is impeccable!

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    love their style

  • Paula Josphat


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