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The beauty industry is growing quite rapidly and Africa has fortunately not been left behind. Makeup and hair go hand in hand with fashion and style. Beauty vlogging is huge right now with beauty experts taking over the YouTube space.  In Cape Town, a picturesque coastal city in South Africa, Cynthia Gwebu, a stunning young beauty expert is doing her thing on her blog and on her YouTube channel.

cynthia gwebu MUA
Credit: Cynthia Gwebu/Instagram

Meet Cynthia Gwebu

Cynthia Gwebu is a 26 year old South African makeup enthusiast who I happened to come across on Instagram. Her makeup skills are to die for and as the kids say these days “she beats her face to death!!!”

Her posts and episodes are all about proper skin care routines, different ways to hack the art of makeup and how to style and take care of your wigs.

With 16,300 followers on Instagram and 14,000 YouTube subscribers it is safe to say that her brand is definitely one to watch out for. Her technique, her product break down and product review is simple to the point and quite relatable. She knows that her audience and readers are from all walks of life and as a result, does her best to discuss high end brands as well as affordable brands.

Cynthia partners with great brands both local (South African) and international. Every now and then, she has exciting giveaways on her channel. On occasion, she does vlogs where she takes her viewers along on amazing trips as well as beauty eventsfilled with so much glamour.

cynthia gwebu MUA
Credit: Cynthia Gwebu/Instagram

Contour is such a thing right now and getting it right is major key. Check out her updated foundation, highlight and contour routine here.

Follow Cynthia on all her socials and subscribe to her channel. I promise you won’t be disappointed, if anything she might just make you get your cake and glam on!!! Slay and never forget to see your beauty without a mirror or a complement.

cynthia gwebu MUA
Credit: Cynthia Gwebu/Instagram
  • Laura

    She is so amazing,big fun

    • Lysa

      Plus humorous. Check out her YouTube page here

  • Eila Dencie Oketch

    Never knew about her….
    Following her ASAP!!!!

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    Following her now. . her make up is dope

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