cut crease eye makeup look

How To Slay The Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look

Tired or bored of the regular eye shadow application? Why not try something new? I came across the cut crease eye shadow look and absolutely fell in love with it. The cut crease eye-shadow look is a technique used to define the crease by “cutting” across it with a contrasting eye shadow color and involves little to no blending. This look is great for those with hooded, extra small or deep set eyes as it will instantly make your eyes look bigger and sexier!

Creating a cut crease isn’t complicated; it’s all about creating depth and dimension to your eyes using eye shadows; here is a step by step guide on how you can easily achieve this look.

STEP 1: Start with a primer


cut crease eye makeup look
Credit: Masinmakeup

Begin by priming your eyes with a good eye primer; the primer will help the shadows to go on smoothly while bringing out the rich shadow pigments.

STEP 2: Line your crease using an angled brush

cut crease eye makeup look
Credit: Weheartit

Using a warm colored eye shadow like the one you would use while doing a transitioning shade (browns and burgundy shades are especially flattering), line your crease using an angled brush; it’s best to stick to matte shades while lining your cut crease as this will make it much easier to blend. Once you have drawn the line, blend it out using a fluffy dome-shaped brush. You should blend the line out using an upward motion as if taking the color towards your eyebrows.

STEP 3: Apply concealer to your eyelid

cut crease eye makeup look
Credit: Omabelletv

This is the secret to a well-defined cut crease; apply concealer or an eye shadow primer to your eyelid without extending it to the crease, this creates a nice, clean and crisp ‘cut’ to your eye you can then pack on a different color to your eyelid in either a matte or shimmer finish depending on the look you are going for. If you want to apply shimmer shadows to your lid, do that last so that the shadows don’t blend too much together drowning out the crease that you created.

STEP 4: Draw a cat eye

cut crease eye makeup look
Credit: Pinterest

A cut crease look is not complete without a cat eye; it just ties the whole look together beautifully; using a gel or liquid liner, line your eyes at the top and extend that line to create a cat eye effect.

And that’s it! In just 4 easy steps you have created the cut crease look; if done right, a cut crease will change your makeup game especially if you have small eyes; it lifts your eyes making them appear bigger and more open while delivering a subtle dramatic flair.

  • Georgina Giathi

    Clear steps featured here! Will continue to practice it to perfection then I can get to have fun with variation of shades for the smoky-eye look

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    Thank you for the steps.. .it will be eay to follow them

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