What Does Being A Woman Mean To You? Being A Woman Means... Lysa Magazine

What Does Being A Woman Mean To You?

Your identity is an essential tool in life and being a woman is arguably one of the most substantial ways one can identify themselves. Being a woman goes beyond biology and maybe even goes beyond critically looking at gender as a social construct. It signifies something different and unique to everyone. Recently, feminism and women’s rights are at the forefront and are slowly becoming the new normal. Although it goes without saying, I believe being a woman should be celebrated every day of the year. As women, we often tend to wear many hats and it’s probably safe to say that not many of us have actually taken the time to ponder on what it really means to be female. Here is what being classified as a woman means to me.

Being a woman means loving and accepting yourself flaws and all… In a world that is constantly trying to dictate what we should look/be like; loving yourself and embracing who you are irrespective of your flaws is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first! Only then will you be able to love fully, care for and nurture in a way that only a woman can.

What Does Being A Woman Mean To You? Being A Woman Means... Lysa Magazine
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Being a woman means being strong… A strong woman is one who chases what she believes in and is unapologetic about who she is. A strong woman is one who bounces back from obstacles, is independent but knows when to ask for help. Being a strong woman means you can be powerful and kind at the same time. It means allowing yourself to be vulnerable instead of bottling things up. Being a strong woman means making sacrifices and giving, even when there isn’t much to give.

Being a woman means trusting your intuition… You know that gut feeling you get warning you that something isn’t right way before any signs even appear? That’s your intuition, proof that being a woman is actually a super power. It’s a magical force that prevails in women way before men can catch on. Although intuition sometimes seems to contradict our physical senses, learning to trust and recognize it can be life changing, even life-saving. I know my intuition is not full-proof just yet but I am proud of my ability to easily pick up on social cues.

What Does Being A Woman Mean To You? Being A Woman Means... Lysa Magazine
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Being a woman means being compassionate… Women have an unmatched ability to extend compassion towards others; this is the why we make great nurturers. We can aptly gauge a situation and know exactly what approach to take; be it the tough love route, or a gentler form. Though this may be viewed as a sign of ‘weakness’, it takes true strength to achieve mastery of your emotions Our compassion is a gift that provides those around us with a soft cushion from an often cruel world.

Being a woman means sharing a special connection… We are all social animals and women especially thrive better when they have a sense of belonging. We are able to make deep and lasting emotional connections with each other. A sisterhood of some sort, it’s something that bonds us together on a level that only women understand.

What Does Being A Woman Mean To You? Being A Woman Means... Lysa Magazine
Credit: Aysha Sow

Being a woman is probably the most complex job in the world. There are many responsibilities laid upon us but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I enjoy being a woman…I enjoy being the woman I am becoming. What does being a woman mean to you?


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