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The Final Quarter | Time Is Still On Your Side

The year is quickly coming to an end; we are in the final quarter. For most of us, the time to take stock is quickly approaching. At the very beginning, you probably had a somewhat clear vision of how this year would play out and you maybe even made a list of resolutions/goals that needed to be achieved. Question is, are you half way through your to-do-list?

This year most of us had fitness and financial goals to achieve; we promised to eat better, get more active and spend a little less than we normally would. The over achievers are probably excited to take stock seeing as how they have been staying on point all year. Those of us that allow ourselves to be a little more human might be slacking and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

With only three months left to go the struggle to get it all done could be stressing you out to the point of breaking into hives.

Getting your finances in order sounds like a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be so. Decide to start saving more and spending less. You have to get strict with your spending habits. Find ways to invest your coin that work for you. Make a list of exactly where your money goes then narrow it down to needs and wants. Needs are a must but wants can always be taken off the list and rewarding yourself can be a last-minute thought.

Saving is not about how much money you save but how often you save and how good you are at saving that amount. A good way to save up fashion-wise would be to refer to the lessons I have shared this year. Get your closet organized and only purchase items you will use more than once. Invest in classic pieces that will be of use for longer rather than trendy pieces that are only in for a short time. Aim for pocket friendly places to shop from and avoid spending more than you have to impress people, who don’t really care. Be a responsible fashion buyer and try as much as possible to spend a lot less than you make.

Maybe take less Uber rides; make your Uber app an emergency option and not a go-to option.

In terms of fitness and health, take your time and find what works for you.

What works for someone may not necessarily work for you. However some things are a general rule of thumb such as drinking water and less energy drinks and sodas. Eat out less; try to cook most of your food at home. This not only saves your money but also happens to be a healthier option. Being more active doesn’t have to involve the gym at all times, take baby steps and start by taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Perhaps try walking for thirty minutes to an hour every day or alternate days. All you have to do is move your body and break a sweat. Trust me, you’ll feel much better than if you decided to lie on the couch the whole day.

Apart from fitness and finances, I am sure there are a bunch of other things you hoped to conquer before the end of 2018.

The Final Quarter | Time Is Still On Your Side - Lysa Magazine October

Quit saying you will travel and just do it already. Start small and take a trip to a place in your own country that you have never been to. Even around where you are, why don’t you book an air bnb? You might find that exploring your own hometown might be equally as adventurous. Go to that karaoke bar and sing your heart out (you’ve been saying you will for far too long).

Curb some of your addictions; poor shopping habits, too much internet use, procrastination; do whatever it takes to make some addictions less present in your life. Listen to podcasts aimed at self-improvement and this can be what you do first thing in the morning instead of quickly grabbing your phone like a reflex. Being a better version of you equals self-improvement.

Start that business, apply for that job, ask that girl out on a date, go on that hike, take on that degree, chase that dream… It is never too late to start even if it means to start all over again. Let this be your year even if it hasn’t looked that way since January. October might just be the month when everything turns around. It is the final quarter after all. Positive energy into the universe will always come back to you in double measure. Time to lace up those boot straps and make the final quarter of 2018 count!


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