End Of 2018 To Do's | Productive End Of Year - Lysa Magazine New Year Resolutions

End Of 2018 To Do

The end of 2018 is here but the year has not ended. You still have a few days to be productive and remove unnecessary stuff out of your life. You may have realized there are some things that weigh on you and what better time than now to get rid of them.

Here are 5 to-do’s to get on before the end of 2018

End Of 2018 To Do's | Productive End Of Year - Lysa Magazine New Year Resolutions

  • De-clutter Your Closet

All through the year you have been accumulating a lot of stuff or on the other hand, you haven’t and your old clothes just seem to bore you. It’s time to toss out that outfit you have over worn, you rarely wear or never have worn. Don’t forget to include the outfit you tell yourself you’re taking to the tailor to fix and you never have. If you didn’t do it then, why would you do it now? Take them all out. What’s the point of keeping them, is it so that your closet can look full? If so, that’s quite sad.

Now that you’ve taken out your clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, hats etc, there are a couple of things you can do with them. Swap them with a friend (find out what this is here), donate to the needy here (there are a lot of people who would benefit from them), give them to family/friends back home (shags) or some are just rags and they go to the bin.

If you’re looking to create some closet space, check out some tips here

  • Dump Your Phone

I don’t mean throw it away, I mean dump out the contents on it. I have met people who have 1000 images in their gallery…what! How did you get there? Or you have threads of messages on your WhatsApp or you’re in group chats that ding every moment with new messages that are just frustrating to read.

Here’s what you can choose to do;

– Get out of group chats that have no benefit to you.

– Delete long conversation threads or those that disinterest you.

– Back up your images on your Google drive, the cloud, your laptop or a hard drive and delete them from your phone.

  • Toss Out Products

Ladies and gentlemen, when was the last time you went through your pantry or bathroom and checked out the expiry date of products? Oh-Oh, better safe than sorry. Go through your products and throw away those that have expired or are empty. If you have products that are still good but you don’t use them for one reason or another, however you have someone in mind who will benefit from them, give them away.

  • Re-organize Spaces

Same looks get boring. Spice up your bedroom, living room, office space or studio by moving furniture around. It really does make a difference because it gives a space a new look. Yes it is the same items but the items are displayed differently. You can add a plant; it gives the room a clean airy sort of vibe.

  • Re-evaluate People You Spend Time With

It is important to surround yourself with people who are genuine, encourage you to grow, are great at communication and you both enjoy spending time together. I’m not saying those are the only principles to look for in a friend or relative, there are a lot more. What I am saying is to have quality over quantity when it comes to your social club. Put yourself out there and you may get to meet some really amazing people who have a positive impact on you and you do so for them as well. Distance yourself from those that just being with them feels like a drag, it is hard but relieving,

Cheers to an amazing end of 2018!

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