Empowering African Women | She Leads Africa

Empowering African Women | She Leads Africa

We live in an era where women are educated and highly empowered. A woman’s place is no longer just the kitchen. We have women in the boardroom, the surgical theatre, the classroom, on the runways as well as parliament and other fields. As a woman, this is the time to be alive and motivated to chase your dreams whatever they may be. Western countries are way ahead of us in more ways than one. This is including the numerous opportunities given to women but Africa is on the rise in its own right. We have had a country with a female president, countless females on the African Forbes list as well as young African creatives spear heading movements to empower and motivate young women.

This month is dedicated to women but movements like SHE LEADS AFRICA celebrate women and focus on we females in Africa 365 days a year.

She leads Africa was created with the aim of improving the professional lives of young women in Africa through their online engagement and vision focus events. The followers of this incredible movement call themselves the Shehive. This empowering movement it is quickly spreading throughout Africa. She leads Africa has been featured on the likes of CNN, Forbes, CNBC Africa, Sahara Reporters, Black Enterprise Wealth For Life, The Guardian and many other prestigious platforms.

The content they provide is business focused. Through their many events, they have created a platform for talented individual and African business experts to grow. The team behind this powerful movement comes from across Africa and yes you guessed it, they are all women. What could be better that a team of female bosses coming together to breed more girl bosses for generations to come? African women have been the most silent yet oppressed gender in Africa. It is wonderful to see females who decide to change the narrative.

Young African women are the future leaders of tomorrow!

Therefore, do not waste your youth rather invest in it as much as you can.

Empowering African Women | She Leads Africa

The She Leads Africa movement events are a fantastic networking situation for a young professional in the making. The talks educate you on financial planning, starting your own business and how to make major moves in your career.

They have events all over Africa including our very own Nairobi, Kenya. The invitation is exclusive to members only and as a member, I urge you to join us and change your professional future for the best. Social media can be a tool for success if used accordingly. Sure it can be a release from your everyday life but following motivational pages like She Leads Africa is great for you.

Joining She leads Africa is beyond simple. All you have to do is follow them on Instagram, click the link on their bio and proceed to follow the instructions provided. This is a free enrolment that will be of great benefit to you.

Investing in yourself goes beyond loving yourself, grooming and being fit and healthy. Self-investing includes, education, starting a business, saving your money and reading content that opens your mind like never before. Personal development is necessary in life.

Empowering African Women | She Leads Africa

When we slay let it be in terms of our fashion, makeup and most importantly as girl bosses. It is time to become the wealthy man your parents wanted you to marry. It is now more than just possible for the Africa girl child. Head over to the She leads Africa website to find out how you can be a member of the Shehive and be one step in the direction to success.

Media courtesy of She Leads Africa Instagram

  • Thee_lovechild

    Girl power

  • Nicole Achieng

    great article ! It’s definitely our time to shine …..power to the women

  • Sheryl Muteshi

    Such a powerful movement! What a man can do.. a woman can do better

  • Kimberly Kardicey

    We as women need to believe in ourselves because we are capable of running a successful professional life as well as a successful family life. We run the world!!!

  • Grace Ng’ang’a

    Looking forward to all there is to learn from the site. Thanks a million for this.

  • Marion Leah Kemunto

    Empowering piece of writing..i agree that women should support other women and help each other grow if indeed we are looking forward to a better tomorrow

    • Exactly…we are not in competition “Shoutout to the girls who compliment and support other girls!”

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