bold makeup shoot

Bold Makeup Shoot Challenge By Emma’s Brush

Make-up is an art. Obviously that’s why we have people known as make-up artists but that’s the thing. IT’S AN ART! A platform to try out new things and go with what you feel to create a beautiful canvas. It’s a field to explore, create, get uncomfortable and do the unconventional.

Lysa gave Emma’s Brush – a make-up artist known for very subtle make-up creations – to do a bold, fierce and edgy editorial. With the alluring canvases she had to work with, Emma created timeless works of art while giving us a peak into what fired her creativity.

“I’m a sucker for triangles because I would love to see the pyramids one day. Egyptian art has been my favourite and someone who stands out in my history books is Cleopatra (The last ruler of Ancient Egypt). This is my interpretation of how Cleopatra applied her make-up…”

bold makeup shoot
Credit: DeepEnd Photography

“The warrior queen; fierce, incredibly beautiful and she has time to pop some lipstick if you ask me”

bold makeup shoot
Credit: DeepEnd Photography

“Melanin is so beautiful yet there are so many restrictions for darker tone women – bright colors are a no-go zone.  But I figured, bright pink against melanin will just look beautiful and it did.”

bold makeup shoot
Credit: DeepEnd Photography

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  • Jeniffer

    @Emma’s brush…I really love your work….

    • Lysa

      Emma is talented and has an amazing personality. Wouldn’t it be awesome having her do your makeup?

  • Eila Dencie Oketch


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  • Paula Josphat

    I love this!!she has mastered the art of make up clearly

    • Yes she has and she is fantastic to work with. We’d definitely recommend her!

  • wangari wairenge

    Now that’s creativity on a whole new level

    • It is. And while she was doing, it looked so effortless.

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