Berets 2018 fashion trend lysa africa

Berets On Trend | Must Have Fashion Item In 2018

Fashion is forever and trends never seem to really go out of style. They take a time out and come back better than ever. When in doubt think of Paris or go to Paris. No other city in the world screams fashion like Paris, France. It also happens to be the birth place of beloved berets.

Berets are back!

This hat is so stylish and can literally be multi transitional when it comes to styling.

Berets 2018 fashion trend lysa africa
Credit: Lesedi Leketi / Instagram
Berets 2018 fashion trend lysa africa
Credit: Sonal Maherali
Berets 2018 fashion trend lysa africa
Credit: Rethabile Mendu
Berets 2018 fashion trend lysa africa
Credit: Lizeka Makala / Instagram

Brands like Christian Dior have turned it into a stylish uniform both on the runway and as a form of street style.

Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are just among some of the stylish stars that can’t seem to get enough of this stylish trend.

Berets 2018 fashion trend lysa africa
Credit: Kendall Jenner
Berets 2018 fashion trend lysa africa
Credit: Rita Ora

Berets are vintage and remind us of street artists in France. Fashion is art therefore feel free to dress like the artist that you are as a lover of fashion.

Paired with plaid, leather, stripes or denim, the beret stands out as the perfect accessory all on its own. Leather or wool, plain or beaded the beret will always be a chic choice. When trying to style your beret, think Carrie Bradshaw in Paris, Blair Woldorf in New York or better yet take it all the way back to the 90’s with “Clueless”.

Perfect for the cold weather, warm weather, night-time slay and day time fun in the sun. Dressed up or dressed down it aims to impress. You can get them online, thrift or at high street stores like Top Shop, F&F, Mr. Price and such. In 2018 this is a must have and getting at least one in a neutral color like black will be perfect.

Berets 2018 fashion trend lysa africa
Credit: Canda Cereels
  • Georgina Giathi

    Indeed it is time to unleash the berets from wherever it is that we placed them last century. They totally create a chic fashion statement, and you accorded it all too well. Brava!

  • Hermione

    Undeniably gorgeous just slap on some knee high boots and you will be turning heads!!

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  • Nadiah Naturale

    They are so stylish! I think they would even better on natural kinky hair..
    Great article!

  • wangari wairenge

    When the trend began..i felt like they reminded me of the scouts uniform back in highschool and I didn’t like them.. But after seeing how different people are styling them they slowly grew in me and I have a huge collection 💛💛💛the trend is definitely a keep

    • Oh yeah – girl guides and all. Styling is everything!

  • Grace Candice

    We taking it back to the days but with a more stylish way😍💃🏾Beret any day

    • Fashion is repeating itself in a modern edgier way…it’s a fantastic time to have fun with it.

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