Top 8 Favorite Beauty Hacks Lysa Africa Magazine

Top 8 Favorite Beauty Hacks

In our fast paced world, we are all constantly looking for helpful tips on how we can save time and most importantly, our money. Beauty is no different. Sure we want to look our best but I am also sure nobody wants to be spending two hours in the morning just putting on makeup or trying to figure out the perfect way to style their hair. We can all use some helpful and practical beauty hacks once in a while. Here are some of my personal favorite beauty hacks that I have learned from my Mum, beauty influencers and of course personal experience.

Hacks Learned From Mum

Conditioner as shaving cream: Run out of shaving cream? You can use your regular hair conditioner.

Top 8 Favorite Beauty Hacks Lysa Africa Magazine Conditioner As Shaving Cream
Credit: Your Beauty 411

Conditioners coat the hair giving a smoother, easy shave and it also works to prevent ingrown hairs. This hack can also be used when shaving facial hair for the gents. Because of how thick hair Conditioner is, it will gunk up your blade a lot faster. Be sure to clean up your blade thoroughly after shaving.

No false lashes needed: Mascara is a staple of many women’s makeup routine. Here is how you can fully take advantage of this handy product. Apply a powder (any powder will do) to the lashes before putting on mascara. Just before the mascara dries up, apply another coat of powder then reapply mascara again. This will give you thicker, fuller lashes in seconds and you don’t have to struggle with putting on falsies.

Heatless curls: This has pretty much become a common trend especially now with the natural hair movement. However, did you know that you can achieve great looking curls even if you are not a naturalista? And the best part… you don’t have to use heat. Depending on the curls pattern you want, you can either do a Bantu knot out or plait your hair ‘matutas‘ overnight. Undo the hair the following morning and voila! You have beautiful effortless curls. I like to wet my hair with a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner. I then apply coconut oil and braid my hair out. ‘Matutas’ or twist-outs are my go-to for loose wavy-like curls while Bantu knots are appropriate for more tight, well-defined curls.

Top 8 Favorite Beauty Hacks Lysa Africa Magazine Bantu Knots
Credit: Felicia Mesadieu

P.S: I have relaxed hair and this hack works just as great as it does on natural hair.

Hacks Learned From Beauty Influencers

Perfume as nail polish remover: I am convinced that there is nothing that can cheapen your overall appearance more than chipped nail polish. I’m sure we have all been guilty of walking around with chipped nail polish at some point. Having nail polish remover in your bag is not something most ladies consider an essential but I can bet you have a bottle of perfume in your handbag right now and you know what? That works just fine as a nail polish remover.

Top 8 Favorite Beauty Hacks Lysa Africa Magazine Nail Polish Remover
Credit: Girls Cosmo

Simply spray some perfume directly to the polish then wipe it off with a cotton ball. It works just as great as nail polish remover does and that’s because of the alcohol content present in a perfume bottle. This hack is just for emergency purposes, I am sure you do not want to waste your expensive perfume bottle. I learned this amazing hack from YouTuber Omabelle

Effortless shiny legs: Possibly the easiest hack on this list, and I learned this from Jennie Jenkins .If you want that Fenty Beauty Body Lava glow but want to save your coins, just spray some ORS hairspray on your legs and J-LO aint got nothing on you! I find that this works better than applying baby oil. If you want to be extra, you can use a shimmer eye shadow in a color closest to your skin tone. Crash it up, apply it on your legs then spray the ORS on top. I promise your glow can be seen all the way from the milky way galaxy.

Reviving dry gel liner: Gel and liquid liners dry up so fast but you don’t have to throw them away just yet. You can easily revive your gel and liquid liners by pouring eye drops on them. If you don’t have eye drops, baby oil works well.

Top 8 Favorite Beauty Hacks Lysa Africa Magazine Reviving Dry Gel Liner
Credit: Beauty And Le Chic

This hack has helped me get the most out of my gel liner and it works like a charm.

Hacks From Personal Experience

Pant liners as oil blotting sheets: If you do not want to invest in oil-blotting sheets, pant liners do a great job of absorbing the excess oil off your face when you have makeup on. I am sure this is something most ladies should have in their purse therefore this beauty hack should come in handy. Just press the pant liner on the parts of your face that seem oily, and your makeup will look as good as new!

Top 8 Favorite Beauty Hacks Lysa Africa Magazine Pant Liners As Oil Blotting Sheets
Credit: Shycart

You can go ahead and powder your face again then spray some makeup setting spray for that refreshed look.

Natural long nails: I have this weird habit of drumming/tapping my fingernails on a table when bored or nervous. Every time I do this, my nails tend to grow longer fast. I can’t really explain why this hack works but I’ve had a couple of friends try this out and their nails grew long as well. Turns out that tapping your fingernails on a hard surface can actually stimulate nail growth.

Top 8 Favorite Beauty Hacks Lysa Africa Magazine Natural Long Nails
Credit: Xgea

I haven’t come across any research that proves this just yet so I guess it’s just a matter of trying it out and seeing if it works for you. Be gentle when you are tapping/drumming your fingernails. I still use this beauty hack when I occasionally feel like rocking long nails without the use of acrylics.


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    My fourth best article because what is a woman without a few life hacks? We need life hacks to survive

    • Glad you love it! Be on the lookout for more beauty life hacks that are easy to do.

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    • Woop Woop! Never underestimate the panty liner…haha!

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    lots of hacks to try out… more specifically the perfume as a polish remover n panty liner for blotting especially now that I Have oily skin

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    Iv tried the conditioner hack and the perfume as polish remover. .Very effective

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    New feed,tapping and drumming your nails I will try doing that and see

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