All Things Beauty | Tips from Kenyan Beauty Influencers Lysa Africa Magazine Joy Kendi Nancie Mwai Joanna Kinuthia Kangai Mwiti Sheila Ndinda

All Things Beauty | Tips from Kenyan Beauty Influencers

The beauty and cosmetic industry has become Kenya’s new hub of investment that is pulling in big money. As of 2016, our cosmetic market was estimated to be worth 5.4 billion Kenyan Shillings. I’m sure these figures have since changed as consumers become more aware and conscious about the usage of cosmetics in their daily lives. With the Kenyan beauty scene currently booming, people are now looking up to Kenyan beauty influencers for the latest beauty tips.

As much as I check out content from influencers across the globe, I have found it super useful to get beauty tips from our very own Influencers as they are more relatable. Here are some beauty tips that you can pick up from our very own Kenyan beauty influencers.

Sheila Ndinda

When I think natural hair, or generally all things hair care, my mind by default thinks of Sheila Ndinda. She represents African beauty by choosing to embrace her African hair texture and generating content geared towards helping naturalistas take better care of their hair. I am not a naturalista, but one thing I’ve always admired about Sheila is her killer Bantu knots.

All Things Beauty | Tips from Kenyan Beauty Influencers Lysa Africa Magazine Sheila Ndinda
Credit: Sheila Ndinda

Bantu knots are an easy way to achieve heatless curls. She has listed all the products and tips she uses to achieve this style on her blog and YouTube Channel. If you have 4C hair type, or natural hair in general and you are trying to figure out how to style it, then Sheila should be your go to Influencer on all things hair!

Kangai Mwiti

She is an award-winning makeup artist and the face behind Bellesa Africa. This is Kenya’s first YouTube channel dedicated solely to makeup and beauty tips. Kangai’s step by step tutorials make it easy for even beginners to recreate her looks.

All Things Beauty | Tips from Kenyan Beauty Influencers Lysa Africa Magazine Kangai Mwiti
Credit: Kangai Mwiti

When it comes to her Instagram, it’s makeup heaven for both established and aspiring makeup artist. It’s definitely a place one can easily draw inspiration from. If not for anything else, you should check her channel out. You will see eye shadow techniques, contouring and highlighting videos that are very detailed and easy to follow.

Nancie Mwai

This fashion stylist turned content creator has re-invented herself and I am all here for it! Her Instagram feed is a work of art incorporating fashion, beauty and everything in between. I love that she stays true to her first love which is fashion. I also love the fact that she has mastered makeup application well enough to share her tips and tricks with her audience. Nancie is the undisputed queen of flawless foundation application that almost looks airbrushed.

All Things Beauty | Tips from Kenyan Beauty Influencers Lysa Africa Magazine Nancie Mwai
Credit: Nancie Mwai

Her secret is in prepping the face properly before makeup application. She even has a tutorial on this on her channel featuring MAC Senior Makeup Artist, Marco Louis. So if you want to learn how to get your foundation looking flawless, you should definitely be following Nancie.

Joy Kendi

Healthy skin is the key to flawless makeup and if there is one thing Joy is known for is her porcelain skin. (I bet her DMs are filled with all manner of skincare questions) I mean, who doesn’t want flawless skin?

All Things Beauty | Tips from Kenyan Beauty Influencers Lysa Africa Magazine Joy Kendi
Credit: Joy Kendi

She may not be a dermatologist, but the amount of knowledge and access she has to amazing skincare brands is enough for her to recommend something appropriate for you. Joy is always open to sharing her skincare tips and you are guaranteed to find some amazing products to incorporate to your skincare routine among the products she swears by.

All Things Beauty | Tips from Kenyan Beauty Influencers Lysa Africa Magazine Just Joy Kendi
Credit: Joy Kendi

Joanna Kinuthia

For most makeup beginners; eye shadow and brows are usually the trickiest things to master but fear not ladies! That’s why you have Joanna to the rescue. Her bubbly down-to-earth personality makes her very relatable and the best part, she uses makeup products that are locally available for most of her tutorials. Her secret to well blended eye shadow is this simple four step process;

All Things Beauty | Tips from Kenyan Beauty Influencers Lysa Africa Magazine Joanna Kinuthia
Credit: Joanna Kinuthia
  • Start off with an eye shadow primer.
  • Use a transition shade – This is an eye shadow shade that you apply to make all the other colors blend well together.

PS: Transition shades are usually in neutral matte colors: Think browns, corals, orange and brick reds/crimson.

  • Once you have your transition shade well blended, you can then apply your lid color.
  • The final step is to blend, blend and blend some more. This is the ultimate secret for flawless eye shadow application.

Hope you learned a thing or two you can incorporate into your beauty routine from these amazing Kenyan Beauty Influencers!





  • Omg…I love them all. Joy Kendi’s skin is on another level. Wow. She made me get my hands on garnier products to try and I am loving them

    • Lysa

      This is awesome! Glad the referral products are working for you.

  • Modestar Kimani

    Joy kendi’s skin is goals…love her

    • It is! Healthy, clear and vibrant.

    • Evelyn Waitherero

      @modestarkimani:disqus right? I also love that she openly shares all her skincare tips and tricks with us

  • Paula Josphat

    Girl power

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    This list encompasses all the people I look up to.. . Kangai was the first person I learnt make up from.. .Joy kendi’s spotless and glowing skin is just goals, Nancie’s make up is always on point. Joanna eyeshadow is always limit! Being a naturalist, Sheila is my go to when I need tutorials on making bomb ads twist out and Bantu knots.

    • Oh wow, this is fantastic! A team of women influencing people, helping them grow and we are glad you are one of those who have been positively influenced!

  • roseThorne

    This is a fantastic list. All the ladies above have in one way or another helped me with information and tips in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Joy’s skin is major inspo. Kangai been watching her tutorials from way back I was in uni. Of course Nancie Mwai so saucy gives me great laughs and best deals as well as fashion goals. Joanna is such a cool chiq, I love her genuineness. Sheila my girl, I admire the promotion of natural hair on her channel. Plus she is a sweet soul.

    • This is brilliant! You have been with these women from the beginning of their journey and you’re in touch with their personalities.

  • Michaels Angana Laura

    I lomam more obsessed with joy for the flawless skin because am trying to achieve that at the moment, she is so relatable

  • wangari wairenge

    Sheila’s natural hair is goals and she wears it to perfection… Joy Jenni’s honey like skin is to die for…joanaa’s eye looks are a statement piece on their own. ..

  • Nicole Achieng

    amazing article. this is a great list of beautiful women who look great and have great things going on….it doesn’t get any more inspiring than that…And Joy kendi’s skin is beyond any woman’s dream and she’s not even stingy with tips on how to get that gorgeous looking skin….i just adore her!

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