Strange Beauty Treatments From Around The World Lysa Magazine

Strange Beauty Treatments From Around The World

Humans have a long history of doing strange things in our long quest for beauty but how far are some willing to go? Although seemingly normal beauty treatments such as coffee scrubs and strawberry facials tend to surprise some: the treatments below are far from normal and will shock you. The science behind all of them adds sense to the seemingly strange beauty treatments. It’s still hard to get over how gross some of these are.

Bird Poop Facial

Yes you read that right, bird poop. Although many believe the origin of this facial to be Japanese, research shows it is actually Korean. Introduced to the Japanese in the Heian period (the years 794 – 1185), the treatment involves applying the poop of a nightingale bird onto your face. Nightingale excrement is believed to be saturated with amino acids. This boost collagen production, which explains the facials incredible anti-ageing properties. It gained fame for being Japanese Geisha’s facial of choice. It is named Uguisu no fun’ which translates directly into Nightingale poop. Celebrities such as Victoria BeckhamTom Cruise, and Angelina Jolie use it. It was tried and tested, click here.

Snake Venom Face Cream

Strange Beauty Treatments From Around The World Lysa Magazine
Credit: AliExpess

The list is only going to get weirder as you read on, but this is among the weirdest. Snake venom is known to be highly toxic and lethal in high doses. However, there seems to be a way its toxicity can be used for good. One of the effects of snake venom is the inhibition of muscle movements. When applied topically in the form of a cream, it limits how much your face moves, reducing wrinkles. Is this an organic alternative to Botox?

Platza Treatment

Strange Beauty Treatments From Around The World Lysa Magazine
Credit: Body by Brooklyn

The Platza treatment is Russian in origin and goes back centuries. The participant first goes into the sauna to sweat toxins out of their body. They then head to a different room with a massage table where they are patted, then whacked (not a joke) with oak leaves covered in hot water and essential oils. The masseuses then scrub the participant down with soap before another round of whacking. Platza treatment is believed to exfoliate the skin, rejuvenate it and relieve soreness in the muscles.

Fish Pedicure

Strange Beauty Treatments From Around The World Lysa Magazine
Credit: Just Dial

This pedicure is pretty popular so you may have heard of it before. It is known to have originated from Turkey. (The people of Turkey have been using Garra rufa fish for healing purposes for at least 400 years before Asian and European countries picked up on the craze). The procedure simply involves dunking your feet into a basin where small ‘Garra rufa’ fish will nibble away at the dead skin on their feet. Fish pedicures are becoming increasingly controversial as there are claims that the fish can easily spread infections from one customer’s feet to another. Several states in the US have since banned this treatment. Reason being is that the use of the fish violates a regulation that requires tools to be cleaned/sanitized or thrown away between uses on different clients.

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  • Bird poop!!!!!Jeez!!

  • Thee_lovechild

    Snake venom and bird poop hell to the freaking no

  • Nicole Achieng

    Very interesting article ! i mean who knew there’s more to snake venom and bird poop?….but if some of my fav celebs have tried and approved then i just might let those random bird poops sit on my forehead a little longer and have me a free facial…lol

  • Sheryl Muteshi

    The fish pedicure sounds like fun!!!

  • Kimberly Kardicey

    The Platzma treatment is okay. The whacking part is funny though. Lol.

    • Evelyn Waitherero

      @kimberlykardicey:disqus right? that escalated quickly… all in the name of beauty!

    • It really is!

  • wangari wairenge

    Fish pedicure seems to be so fun

    • Evelyn Waitherero

      @wangariwairenge:disqus it is and the best part you can get this treatment from most beauty parlors here in Kenya….do keep us posted if you give it a try😊

    • It is fun and ticklish.

  • GloWanjohi

    The snake venom is actually very scary. I have also heard of the sperm one where you apply sperm on your fave. The fish one might be ticklish(I think)

    • The things people do for beauty…and yes, the fish pedicure is very ticklish. Tiny little mouths chewing on the dead skin on your feet, you’re bound to be laughing during the process.

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